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Top Things to Look for In Your Mockup

Creating a mockup is one of the most important steps in developing your product packaging. This is your chance to see your packaging as it will look instead of just imagining it. This is also when you should confirm that every piece of information on the mockup is just like you want it to appear on the final product and that you would be happy if this mockup became the production run of your packaging. To make sure that this is the case, look for the following things in your mockup.

Spelling and Grammar


Your first step when you look at your mockup should be to check every single written word on the design for spelling and grammar. This will be your last chance to make changes before the product run, so you do not want anything to be spelled wrong. That could lead to an expensive recall or the choice to leave the misspelling in place and have your customers think less of your product. After all, if a company cannot be bothered to proofread its packaging design, there is no reason to assume it took care in testing the product.


Brand Name and Logo


Out of all the areas on your packaging mockup to go over with a fine-toothed comb, your brand imagery is the most crucial, although realistically, you should show the same level of care on every part of the mockup. You want your brand name and logo to appear on your mockup in the same way they do on everything else, from your website to other products. This allows for brand consistency, which leads to an increased brand recognition that can drive sales and customer loyalty.


Colors Used


Look at the colors on your packaging mockup and confirm that you are happy with what they convey. Remember that each color makes its own unique impression on a potential customer, so your choice should not be made hastily. If you are not positive you chose the right colors following the mockup, it is time to do some research and ask customers what they think.


Font Choice


This is also the time to analyze your font choice and confirm that you are happy with your decision. As with the color, if you have any doubts, now is the time to see what potential customers feel. You need to confirm that the font choice gives off the correct impression about your product, whether that is a feeling of fun, elegance, usefulness, or something else.


Overall Design


Of course, you should also look for the overall design in your mockup. This is the best chance you will have to fully visualize what your product packaging will look like without doing a production run, so you want to confirm that you are satisfied with the overall design. It is not a bad idea to opt for a short run before you do a larger production run just to confirm that everything you saw on the mockup did indeed work on the packaging just as you expected. Although this will not be necessary with a good mockup, it can also provide peace of mind.

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