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How to Design Your Product Packaging to Encourage Customers to Recycle It

How to Design Your Product Packaging to Encourage Customers to Recycle It

Everyone has a responsibility to do what they can to help the planet. Many consumers are taking this to heart and doing their best to recycle whatever product packaging can be recycled. But not everyone does. As a company, you can step in and encourage them to recycle your packaging. Think of it as just one more step you can take, along with actions like using recycled materials or using green energy, to make your company eco-friendly.

But how do you encourage customers to recycle your product packaging?

Make Sure It Is Recyclable

The first thing to do, and the most important, is to ensure that your product packaging is recyclable. This is not always as simple as it seems, as some materials may seem recyclable but are not. Or you may not realize that a recyclable material that has been glued to something non-recyclable is no longer recyclable.

Do some research as you design your packaging to make sure you understand what is recyclable. If you can, take it a step further and find out which materials are easier to recycle. The easier you make it for consumers to recycle your packaging, the more likely they will be to do so.

If you have other materials inside the main box of your packaging, don’t forget to consider whether those are recyclable as well. For example, if you sell a bottled beverage in a box for extra protection, pay attention to the materials in the bottle and the materials of the box.

Include a Reminder – Both With Words and Images 

The most obvious way to encourage customers to recycle your product packaging is to include a reminder on the packaging itself. This should include a few words or a short phrase like “Please recycle this packaging after use” or “Recycle me!” It should also have a recycling image. Something as simple as the recycling symbol is a good start.

If you want to make a strong effort to encourage customers to recycle your packaging, consider making this messaging even larger. You can show the packaging being placed in a recycle bin or even add a sentence or two about how recycling the packaging helps the planet.

Encourage Them in Other Ways As Well

While the packaging design itself will help encourage customers to recycle, you will see better results if you combine this with encouragement from other areas. Make it known that your brand encourages your packaging to be recycled. Mention it in your advertising. Make a statement on your website telling people to please recycle. Consider sharing that the packaging is recyclable on social media.

You can take these efforts as far as you want. If you market your brand as environment-friendly, maybe you will create an entire ad campaign about the various ways you are eco-friendly and include the ability to recycle the packaging in it. Or perhaps you can encourage customers to also be eco-friendly by saying they can start by recycling your packaging.


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