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Redesigning product packaging is a tricky project that can cost your brand both time and money, if you are not careful. For this reason,

The packaging used for food products is a critical consideration for any brand. It is an important component of your business startup and requires

In addition to being a protective covering for your products, your package is a first impression on your potential customers. The packaging you choose

It is predicted that in the year 2050, our oceans will have more plastic than fish. These statistics are leading companies to work hard

The market is incredibly saturated with similar products. To maximize their chances of standing out and making a sale, many brands are turning to

Kraft paper is a wonderful, eco-friendly option for packing your products. Creating more sustainable packaging is more than just a trend these days; it

The best bottle shape for your product may not be the best for your competitors. There are even more variations if you look across

Some product packaging trends apply across industries, while others are specific to individual industries. The next time you redesign your food product packaging keep

Every business owner knows that samples are an excellent way to promote a brand. When giving out samples, you want potential customers to love