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In today’s digital world, you have to appeal to online shoppers and those who buy your products in stores. But do you need to

With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to reevaluate your product packaging to make sure it can protect your product. During the winter months, your

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had wide-reaching impacts on nearly every industry, including packaging. Take a closer look at how AI has influenced packaging design.

With rising costs on everything, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and boost profits. You can likely find some savings hidden in

If you sell a pharmaceutical product in the United States, then you are familiar with using NDC (National Drug Codes) on your products. But

In recent years, many brands have changed their product packaging to boost their eco-friendliness and sustainability. The recent challenge from Bayer is one of

The idea of edible packaging is slowly growing as a more sustainable option. Food packaging still uses traditional materials, but some companies are looking

Many companies are trying to reduce their use of plastic due to demands from consumers. Nestle is one of the major brands leading the

Packaging size may be one of the biggest questions you have about your product. This is especially true for food. You may wonder if