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Any product can be a victim of forgery or counterfeiting, but counterfeiters are more likely to target high-end items. After all, counterfeiters can make

No matter your product, how you package it is crucial for your marketing and customer experience. In recent years, it has become even more

When most people think of bottles, they picture plastic or glass ones. Estee Lauder hopes to change this. It is working to become the

There are a lot of terms to know as you design and order your product packaging, including primary packaging materials. The following information will

Before you order a full-run, or even a short-run, of your product packaging, it is a very smart decision to order a full-color mock-up.

As you design your product packaging, it is crucial to keep your entire audience in mind. The best packaging will be inclusive and accessible

When most people think of the design and words printed on their product packaging, they picture the exterior of the packaging. Despite that, there

If you think of your product packaging as just a way to ensure that your product gets safely to its destination, you are missing

Every industry is currently facing disruptions to the supply chain. Whether or not you have noticed that with the materials for your main product,