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As technology advances, it seems every industry has begun incorporating the Internet of Things into their processes or products. The product packaging industry is no different,

With the current pandemic, all industries are facing significant changes, including the product packaging industry. No matter the type of product you sell, you

No matter the type of product that you sell, you should strongly consider making green packaging decisions. This will help reduce your company’s impact on the

With the threat of climate change looming on the horizon and the excessive amount of waste that humans produce, more consumers and companies alike are pushing

Getting your customers to purchase, like, and then recommend your beauty product to their folks is hard. Designing can help you crack this tough nut well! We

When you design your product packaging, you will have many factors to consider. Most companies focus on the exterior design, but the inside of the packaging

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't take a million dollars to build an empire. The truth is that every empire starts from the ground up. If

As with every year, 2020 will bring in its own set of packaging trends. Some may only affect specific industries, while others will have wide-reaching effects.