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Why Branded Packaging Matters Even With Online Sales

The world of commerce is changing with more and more sales completed online, but that does not mean that companies can neglect branded packaging. In fact, ensuring your packaging is properly branded before selling your product is just as important online as it is in stores.


You Still Take Advantage of Brand Identity


Whether a consumer is shopping online or in a store, they will have some level of brand loyalty. Most people find a product they like from a particular company and stick to it, but they cannot do this unless the product is easy to identify, preferably at a glance. To make this quick identification simple, your product must look the same in stores and online and be in line with your brand’s overall image. Using the same colors, logo, and font will let customers know in seconds that this is the product they have been using and loved.


Just like when shopping in a physical store, online shoppers may also rely on your brand imagery to decide if they want to try a new product from you. Maybe they already bought one pet toy from you that their pooch loves, and it is highly durable, so they want to try another one of your products. In this case, your branded packaging will easily show them which products are yours and which are not.


It Lets Them Confirm the Product


Having a branded packaging online lets potential customers confirm that they have selected your product since they can see the colors and overall design clearly from the thumbnail in their shopping cart. At the same time, your branded imagery allows them to confirm at a glance that they have received the right product once delivered. This is particularly important if most of your online sales are from other retailers and not from your website.


You Still Need to Share Information


When designing your packaging for sales online, do not forget that customers will need to have the same information no matter where they buy the product. This means that just like they would in stores, customers who buy online should receive a box with things like usage instructions, ingredients, and your website and social media pages.


Consistency Helps Sales


Of course, branding related to sales online has the same factors at play as with any other branding, whether it is products in stores, displays for retailers, your website, or your advertisements. You want to deliver a consistent image across all of your merchandise and interactions with customers. This consistency makes it quicker for customers to recognize your brand and subconsciously makes them more likely to choose your product over others because of familiarity.


The Bottom Line


When it comes to branding, you need to keep the same imagery across every platform that it appears on as well as physical products. Branding of products sold online leads to familiarity just as it does with branding in stores or on your website. With more successful branding, you should see a boost in sales as customers would not struggle to find or recognize your product.

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