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Essentials You Should Know Before Your New Packaging Run

Before you begin a new packaging run or do your first product packaging run, there are a few essential things that you should always know. They range from aspects of planning your packaging to confirming that you hire the right company to take care of the production. Here are some of the most important essentials you need to know before your packaging run.


Your Target Audience


One of the most important things that you should certainly know before your new packaging run is who your target audience is. Millennials will be looking for something very different in their product packaging than baby boomers. By knowing your audience, you can make sure that your packaging targets them and their priorities, whether that is ease of use, flashiness, or something else.


Why You Changed Your Packaging


Assuming that this is not your first packaging run, you should be aware of why you need to make changes to your design and packaging. Sometimes, the new run may simply become necessary because you ran out of boxes. In cases where you are also tweaking the packaging design, be aware of why adjustments became necessary and what changes you made to address them. This ensures that you did not waste your efforts and truly addressed the issues in question.


That You Have a Good Design


It should go without saying that before a packaging run, you should always know that you have a good design. You want a design that will fly off the shelves and appeal to buyers. It should be something that you are confident in and know that it represents your product well. You can be sure that you have a good design by asking customers to rate it and give feedback.


That Your Packaging Protects Your Product


You should also know that your packaging protects your product on the way to its destination, as this is one of the most important functions of packaging. The box should cushion the item sufficiently and keep it safe from the elements. You can confirm this by running your sample through a series of tests or order a short run to see how the initial order holds up.


How Many Packages You Need


Another thing that should be obvious is that you need to know how many packages you need. Work with your marketing team to come up with some calculations and figure out the ideal order size for this run. In the case of smaller runs, make sure that the packaging manufacturer you choose does not have minimums in place that prevent you from using its services.


That You Can Trust Your Packaging Supplier


Finally, you should always know that you can trust your packaging supplier. You should know that they have a reputation for producing high-quality products on time and living up to customer expectations. The right supplier will be willing to answer any questions you have along the way and work with you to produce packaging you are both proud of and that your customers love.

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