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How to Incorporate Valentine’s Day Themes into Your Packaging

valentine's day inspired packaging tips

With Valentine’s Day approaching, you should take a look at your product packaging and see how you can incorporate holiday themes into your design. When you do this correctly, your product will fly off the shelves, as customers want to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy some love and romance. Keeping in mind that Valentine’s Day packaging works better for some products than others. After all, Valentine’s Day-themed cleaning products probably don’t have a huge market appeal. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


Adjust the Color Scheme


The simplest way to incorporate Valentine’s Day themes into your packaging is with a small adjustment to the color scheme. Take your current color palette and adjust it to shades of pink, red, and white to get in the spirit. This way, you can still keep all the same writing and graphics that your customers use to recognize your product, but you will be able to acknowledge the romantic holiday.


Add Some Hearts and Flowers


If you don’t want to change the color scheme of your product packaging for Valentine’s Day, you can also add some other elements like hearts or flowers to the packaging to get the same idea across. In mid-February, people are automatically drawn toward products with hearts simply because of the holiday and the desire to add more love to their lives. These changes are very simple and can work with your existing packaging design, but they make a big difference.


Market It As a Gift


Depending on the type of product you sell, consider theming your packaging around Valentine’s Day so the item seems pre-wrapped. If you sell chocolate, candy, perfume, or something else that could be a romantic gift, this is the perfect way to boost sales. Those shopping for their loved ones will love being able to buy just the item instead of having to get gift wrap as well. You will also appreciate the time-saving element, as there is no need to hassle with wrapping paper and a bow. If you don’t want to adjust the packaging design so it looks as if the item is wrapped up as a present, just market it as a gift for someone’s Valentine.


Include a Free Gift or Valentine’s Day Card to Give


Another way to take advantage of Valentine’s Day is to give the consumer something they will view as a present. You could include a single chocolate wrapped in Valentine’s Day-themed foil on your product packaging or just a discount coupon with a note that says it is a Valentine’s Day gift for the buyer. You can even include a free Valentine’s Day card that the buyer will give to someone else. If you design that card right, they will want to use it. And by including your brand on it somehow, you get free marketing!


Do a Short Run


If you are concerned about selling all of your Valentine’s Day-themed products by the holiday and being left with items you need to discount, do a short run. Some of the best packaging suppliers have tiny minimum orders – sometimes just 100 boxes. With such a small number, you should be able to sell all your Valentine’s Day products even if you are a small business.

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