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What to Do If You Hate Your Packaging Graphics

If you hate your packaging graphics, you do not need to despair, at least not at first. There are still multiple ways that you can fix the problem and end up with the product packaging that you envision for your item. You will need to work to resolve the issue, but you should be able to do so. After all, you likely did not order a full packaging run before seeing your graphics, so there is time to improve the design.


Figure Out Why You Hate Them


The first thing to do is to figure out why you hate your packaging graphics. Do they not match your brand imagery? Do they look sloppy? Do you hate the color scheme? Do you wish they had a different font? Once you can pinpoint why you dislike the graphics, you have a starting point to work with in terms of making adjustments. You cannot change something if you do not know what modifications you need to make.


Let Your Designer Know You Are Not Happy


After you figure out why you are not happy with your packaging graphics, let your designer know. In some cases, they may agree with your concerns regarding the imagery, in which case they can go ahead and make the adjustments that you agree on. At other times, the designer may have a very valid reason for the elements you don’t like, such as an industry trend, readability, or some other reason. If that is the situation, they will be able to explain to you why they made the graphic choice they did. Based on that information, you can either choose to leave it as is or work on a compromise that makes you happy while still using your designer’s experience to your advantage.


Ask Your Customers for Opinions


Just because you hate your packaging graphics does not mean that others agree. Ask your colleagues how they feel about the graphics and consider asking your potential clients as well. You may discover that customers love the graphics, in which case you will likely want to just agree to disagree and order a full run. Or maybe you will discover that your concerns are justified and find other areas where the graphics can be improved. There is never a downside to getting input from potential clients when it comes to modifying graphics.


If You Didn’t Hire a Professional, Do So Now


If you did not hire a professional to create your packaging graphics, then you should definitely do so if you want to create something you like. Whether you created the original graphics yourself or had someone on your team do it, they simply won’t have the same experience and industry knowledge as a professional. If you aren’t sure where to find someone who can design your packaging artwork and graphics for you, talk to your packaging supplier. In most cases, they will actually have a design department so they can work with you throughout the entire process. While utilizing the services of a professional will cost more than creating the graphics yourself, the results will be well worth it as your product flies off the shelves.

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