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Hot Tips for Keeping Your Packaging Cool This Summer


It is never too early to start planning out your packaging for the summer months. Some product packaging, such as those containing perishable food items or certain medications, needs to stay within a certain temperature range. Others, like electronics, just shouldn’t be exposed to extreme temperatures as this can compromise the packaging or product inside. Take some time to consider the temperature needs of your particular product, and then keep the following tips in mind.


Consider Insulation


If your product is perishable or needs to remain within a very specific temperature range, insulated packaging is definitely worth it. At the very least, you should consider insulated shipping containers to store your packaged products within during the delivery process. Your packaging supplier should have some options for you; just ask them.


Think About Material in General


In general, you need to think about the materials you choose and where you ship your product. Certain adhesives and types of cardboard hold up better in the heat than others. Do some research and confirm that the materials you choose can handle the temperatures they will encounter. Don’t forget to consider, in addition to the outside temperature, just how hot it can get inside a truck with the sun shining down in the middle of the summer.


Label It with Temperature Warnings


No matter what you sell, you should label your packaging with a warning and the ideal temperature range; this way, the shipping companies and the stores that stock the item know what type of care to give your boxes. Be sure to include the temperature warnings on both the product packaging itself and the shipping box that you store multiple products in.


Plan Your Shipping


No matter the situation, you should never take choosing a shipping company lightly, but this becomes particularly important during extremely hot and extremely cold weather. Make sure that your chosen shipping company can maintain your products at the right temperature throughout the shipping process. If necessary, confirm that it offers either refrigerated or temperature-controlled shipping – even if you have to pay a little extra. If you haven’t previously worked with the shippers in question, check reviews to confirm that products arrive in proper condition and are not exposed to extreme temperatures.


For those who like to be extra careful or don’t necessarily trust their shipping company, consider sending a test run through, including a thermometer that stores its past temperature readings. This test run can give you peace of mind and confirm whether your product and packaging will be safe.


Talk to Your Supplier


Perhaps the best way to make sure that your product packaging can beat the heat this summer is to talk to your supplier. Your supplier is an expert in the field and will know which materials can handle the weather and keep your particular product safe. As long as you work with a supplier you trust to not upsell you for the sake of a profit, let its industry knowledge and experience guide you.

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