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Tips for Keeping Your Refrigeration Packaging Cool This Summer Season

Depending on the type of product you manufacture, you may need to opt for refrigeration packaging to ensure that the product remains stable. A range of items may require cold temperatures, from food and beverages to research and diagnostic supplies or pharmaceutical items. Regardless of the reason your product must remain at a cool temperature, there are some things you can do to ensure your refrigeration packaging stays cool even during the summer heat.


Use Insulated Materials


Start off your packaging with the right materials, preferably those that are insulated, to give your product some extra protection. Styrofoam boxes are a good choice, and they are typically offered in a range of thickness options. Thicker boxes provide additional insulation, limiting the number of ice packs you need. Or you can opt for cut sheets of Styrofoam to insert into your chosen box. If you want to avoid Styrofoam, try an insulated liner, which looks similar to an emergency blanket. These are great for tightly wrapping products and filling in extra space. Or consider an insulated pad that is made from recycled materials.


Add Dry Ice or Something Similar


To keep your refrigeration packaging cool, include either dry ice or ice packs within your actual packaging boxes. Each has its ideal purpose, with ice packs being ideal for refrigerated items and dry ice for frozen ones. Just remember that dry ice is considered a hazardous material, so it requires extra care during shipping.


Choose the Right Shipping Company


Perhaps the most important part of keeping your refrigeration packaging cool in the summer is choosing the right shipping company. You want to hire one with experience shipping and handling cold items, so you can trust it to keep your product out of direct sunlight and other warm conditions. Don’t forget to also check how quickly the shipping company can send the product and compare this to how long your item will remain stable in the packaging you set up for it.


Label the Packaging


Another important consideration is taking the time to label your packaging correctly. If your product is sensitive to warm temperatures, your packaging, both individual boxes and shipping ones, should include a warning to keep it out of warm temperatures and direct sunlight. If you use dry ice, you must have a label indicating this on the box, as well. The clearer your labels are, the more likely it is that the shipping company and the receiver of the package will follow your guidelines.


Test Out the Packaging First


The best way to confirm that your refrigeration packaging will keep your product cool during the summer is to actually test it out. Order a short run or ask for a sample box or two from your packaging supplier. This way, you can send it through the entire shipping process and see how the product fares during the journey. Consider investing in a thermometer that records the temperatures it is exposed to and including this in your packaging during the test. This way, you can confirm the temperatures your product will experience with your chosen packaging and shipping supplier and be sure it will not go bad.

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