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Tips for Getting Your Packaging Labels Correct the First Time

When designing your product packaging, you want to get everything, including the labels, correct the first time. While you can always order a small quantity to check everything, this does take more time. You definitely don’t want to create all your packaging only to realize you made a mistake on your labels and are stuck with thousands of mislabeled boxes you can’t use. Even if you don’t end up with unusable boxes, you will waste time and money every time that you have edit your labels, so it’s smart to do what you can to get it right the first time.


Design with the Product and Container in Mind


As you design your label, keep your product and its container firmly in your mind. The label must fit the packaging, otherwise you will have some serious problems. You also don’t want the label to overwhelm the container, and you should also confirm that it complements the shape. Remember that, the larger your label, the less your product is visible through the packaging (assuming it is transparent), so this is a careful balancing act based on your preferences.


Hire a Professional Designer


As with anything you design for your product, spend the money for a professional designer to create your label for you. A professional will do a better job than an unexperienced member of your staff would and will have the tools and computer programs the process requires at their disposal. A designer will know current trends and what types of label designs attract different customers, making your packaging more appealing to your target audience.


Proofread It


It should go without saying, but before you order your packaging labels, always have multiple people proofread it. Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes and that it conveys the information you want it to convey. You don’t want to order the batch of labels only to realize you forgot to include your company’s website or social media page.


Check Official Guidelines


During the design process, don’t forget to consult the official guidelines and regulations within your industry; this way, you can ensure that you include all the necessary information. This step is particularly important in industries with anything the customer ingests, such as food, beverages, and medicine, but every industry has its own regulations.


Choose a Legible Font


Font selection is one of the most important parts of getting your labels right: The typography must be legible and convey the idea that you want. High-end luxury products like champagne frequently opt for heavily-tracked headers or traditional serif typefaces. A beer targeting those who want a casual get-together with friends or to relax after a long day may opt for a grunge or sans serif typeface. Listen to your designer’s advice and don’t be afraid to try out a few typefaces to see which one feels right for your product.


It is also always a good idea to get feedback from potential customers and even industry experts regarding your label before you start printing it.

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