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The packaging for your product offers a unique opportunity to boost sales by offering almost free advertisement. Since you would have to package your product anyway, designing it in a certain way that will target more sales will only add a minimal cost to the packaging process but increase your overall profits dramatically. There are some key components that you want to consider when using your product’s packaging to target sales. Each of these works together to create a professional, polished product that will attract new customers and ensure that you get repeat clients.

Get a Professional Design

It is tempting to cut costs wherever you can in a business, particularly as a small or medium one. This leads to many new companies attempting to design their packaging themselves instead of hiring a professional, but in reality, the investment in a professional design will more than pay off over time. Those who are experienced with design will be familiar with your industry and what works and doesn’t work, as well as what features potential customers are looking for. They can use this knowledge and their creativity to help your product stand out from the competition, increasing the number of people who try your product for the first time.

Think About Shape and Size

To improve your sales, you want your packaging to be the ideal shape and size. It should be large enough to stand out from the other similar items on the market, but not big enough that clients will see it as wasted space or false advertising as to the size of the product. The idea is to create packaging that is just large enough to protect your item and is more or less the same size as the products offered by the competition. Shape is another key component, especially when it comes to how your item will appear in the store. While it is true that opting for uniquely shaped packaging will make your product stand out, this may make it harder to fit in the store. Remember that while creative packaging is key, you still want to be able to stack your product on the shelf or arrange it in some way that will maximize the number of items that can be displayed.

Consider the Colors

When targeting sales, even something as seemingly insignificant as the color of the packaging will play a role. You should make sure that if your brand identity includes a certain color scheme, this is featured on the box, either as the main color or as a complementing one. It will help improve your brand identity and boost sales. This is also one area where hiring a professional can be helpful, as he or she will have experience selecting the ideal colors for your target audience based on what has worked in the past, saving you trial and error.

Contemplate Inserts

In terms of packaging, most companies focus on the exterior of the packaging, but to truly boost your sales, consider using inserts as well. By placing a small insert of some type with each product, you can help encourage customers to buy products again with a coupon or special offer, make them feel like they get more for their money with a free sample. You also can boost your online identity with a friendly reminder to review your product online.

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