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Tips for Successful Spring Artwork Designs

To stay relevant in your industry, you need to keep up with the changing themes of the seasons, as well as various trends in the packaging design industry. Spring is the perfect time to make minor adjustments to your packaging as a way of boosting sales. Think of it as spring cleaning for your company’s first impression. While there are plenty of great ways to update your artwork designs for spring, the following tips will always lead you to success.


Work with A Professional Designer


You should never underestimate the importance of hiring a professional designer. Although you will might need to spend a little more money initially, the services provided by the professional will pay for themselves by dramatically increasing your sales. Professional designers have the experience and training required to create designs that will fly off the shelf and get the attention of passersby. It would be foolish to not take advantage of their skills.


Use Holidays to Your Advantage


When designing spring artwork for your product packaging, do not forget about various holidays throughout the year. For instance, Easter is particularly important, giving you the opportunity to be as creative as you want. You can also take advantage of May Day or another holiday to create a unique design.


For example, food, drinks, and gifts can benefit from holiday-specific branding as people are more likely to choose something with Easter-themed packaging for their celebration or simply as a way to get into the holiday spirit.


Go with Pastels


Take advantage of the spring color palette as a way of making your artwork design a success. Because most people associate spring with pastel colors, see if you can make minor adjustments to your current artwork that fits this color scheme.


Find A Handwritten Font


You may not realize it, but simply changing the font on your spring artwork design can have a positive impact. For example, fonts that appear to be handwritten or those in cursive can make a product feel more personalized. Potential customers will remember the excitement of getting a package that feels as if it were addressed specifically to them. With a handwritten font, there is a good chance that consumers will pick your product over the competition. Mix the handwritten font with another font to keep the packaging design interesting.


Combine Illustrations or Graphics


For your spring artwork design, take the opportunity to change the type of graphics used on your packaging. Digitally produced illustrations with a handwritten font typically stand out. This gives the impression that you hand wrote a note to the client, and then drew the graphic.


If preferred, you can go with high-quality photos that represent what your product delivers. In the case of food, candles, or perfumes, photos can be realistic enough to give your potential clients the urge to eat the food or smell the fragrance.


Use Design Variations


Just as you would do during any other time of the year, consider making a few variations of your spring artwork designs. This can be as simple as keeping the original design but changing the color or using varying patterns in the background. This allows clients to choose the product design that appeals to them most, which makes the shopping experience more personal.

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