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4 Tips for Celebrating the 4th of July with Your Packaging Run

With the 4th of July approaching, you want to use the holiday to your advantage as a way to boost sales. Everyone wants to be patriotic this time of year, and by making slight adjustments to your packaging to follow this trend, your product can fly off the shelves.

Go Red, White, and Blue

The most obvious way to get in the patriotic spirit is to rethink the color scheme for your product. Take a look at your overall packaging design and the brand logo and see what changes you can make to throw in the flag’s colors and give it a patriotic feel without hurting your brand recognition. If there simply isn’t a good way to incorporate these colors into your packaging, you can at least add a flag and phrase like “Happy 4th of July!” or other symbols of the holiday like fireworks. Your design team should be able to come up with some great ideas for your packaging artwork.

Make It Easy to Use on the 4th

To truly celebrate the 4th of July, you should make sure that your product is ready to be used during the holiday. Food items or serving trays can include something indicating that they are perfect for your Independence Day barbeque. A first aid kit can “watch your back while you watch the fireworks,” or you can get creative with other items. Make it clear to your customers how your product will be a great addition to their Independence Day celebrations to encourage sales. If you sell something that they are likely to bring to a 4th of July barbeque, like paper plates, drinks, or snacks, make sure the packaging is easily transportable and simple to open.

Include a Bonus

Don’t be afraid to use the 4th of July as an excuse to give back to your customers via bonuses within the products – just remember to label your packaging so they know it is there. Tell customers you are including a present for them in honor of the country’s birthday and then give whatever you think is appropriate. Maybe that is a coupon on their next purchase from your brand or some other sort of discount. You can also include a small bonus item with your regular product, such as an extra travel-sized version of toiletries if that is what you sell. Or include a related product, such as a serving spoon for your food item or a nice pen with the stationary you sell.

Use a Short Run to Your Advantage

Some businesses, especially smaller ones, will mistakenly think that they can’t celebrate the 4th of July with their packaging because they simply don’t sell enough of their product to make it worth producing unique packages. While this may be the case with some packaging manufacturers, the best will offer short runs as well as longer ones. This way, you can make only as many packages as you need for Independence Day without worrying about having to buy extras you didn’t truly need.

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