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Improve Your Initial Packaging Run with These Four Tools

If you are launching a new product or working on redesigning your current packaging, you want to do everything in your power to make sure the initial packaging run goes smoothly. While it can be a daunting task, there are a few tools that you can use to help with this process.


In many cases, the tools at your disposal are actually professional people who have experience in creating product packaging. Although they can help improve your chance of achieving success, you may actually consider the things they do as “tools”.


Use A Professional Designer


A professional designer is among the most important tools at your disposal when it comes time for your initial packaging run. While you may have dozens of great ideas, a professional with experience in the industry will know what does and does not work. However, they can use their creativity, experience, and special training to build on your ideas in developing a packaging design that will fly off the shelves.


It also helps that professional designers typically have access to the latest and more innovative design programs. Therefore, you are not required to buy programs only to use them once. Because the best packaging companies have a team of designers, there is no need for you to spend time searching for someone with the right qualifications.


Rely on Responsive Customer Service


You may also think of customer service as being a tool. When the team is highly responsive and friendly, they can do wonders to make your initial run go smoothly. A responsive and helpful customer service team will promptly answer any questions that you have, essentially guiding you through the process. That way, you know what will happen and what you need to do to complete a successful packaging run. Thanks to the services that designers provide, you will be more confident about your packaging run at any point during the process.


Consider Focus Groups


Focus groups can also be a great tool to ensure your initial packaging run delivers the packaging design and style that is right for your product. Ideally, you will create your design and then bring it to a focus group to get input. Then, you can have a sample made or even do a short run of the packaging, followed by going to another focus group. This gives you the opportunity to consult with your potential clients, thereby ensuring the packaging displays the message you are aiming for.


Short Runs are Excellent Tools


A short packaging run is an excellent tool for your first packaging production. You can find companies that will do as few as 100 boxes at a time, giving you the chance to test your design and the packaging itself. With so few boxes, you will not need to make a large investment, yet have enough packages to put through rigorous testing.


In addition to focus groups, short runs ensure that your packaged products will successfully go through shipping and that they can withstand various temperatures and other conditions exposed to while heading to the final destination.

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