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How To Use Packaging To Increase Sales

When done correctly, packaging does much more than just protect your product when it is shipped or brought home from the store. Packaging can also be one of your most effective forms of advertising, boosting your sales to an incredible degree. If you know what you are doing or consult an expert, you can make some minor changes to your packaging and see your profits increase. Here are just a handful of the ways that you can take full advantage of your packaging to help your product fly off the shelves.

Using Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts are actually one of the best tools at your disposal when it comes to turning your packaging into advertising. You can choose as involved or simple of an insert as you want. Even something as simple as a “Thank you” note in a font that mimics handwriting can make customers feel appreciated and encourage them to make purchases in the future. Or you can also add a small gift within your product packaging, such as a discount on the next purchase or an additional small item. To make these inserts even more effective at boosting sales, include a note on the packaging that says “Free gift inside” or something similar. If everything else is equal between your product and the competitors, customers will choose yours thanks to the knowledge of a free gift.

Advertise That You Are Green

In today’s world, more and more people want to do whatever they can to help the planet, and buying products that are made in environmentally-friendly ways or packaged using eco-friendly materials is an easy way to do so. You can actually take advantage of this preference to increase your sales by opting for green materials and letting consumers know right on your packaging. Something as simple as “this packaging was made from recycled materials” can encourage potential clients to choose your product over the competition.

Know What To Include

For your packaging to truly enhance your sales, you need to be aware of what should be included on it. Most importantly, the packaging should clearly convey the product you sell and its function. If your sales are falling behind and your product just has the name of the item and nothing else on the packaging, this could be why. Add an image or phrase somewhere letting clients know what the item is and watch your sales soar.

Maintain Brand Loyalty

One element of smart packaging is brand uniformity across your product line. If you sell a range of products, make it clear via the packaging that they are all made by your company, even if they vary from cosmetics to soap to candles. By showing off your brand clearly in your product packaging, customers are able to tell that each item is from your company. This is an excellent way to maintain brand loyalty as consumers won’t have to put in any effort to spot which product is yours. If they are looking to change the soap they use, for example, and already are familiar and satisfied with your candles, they may be more likely to select your product if they are able to tell it is the same brand.

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