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Must-Know Tips for Summer Packaging Runs

No matter the type of product you sell, you always want to make sure that it gets to its destination in one piece, which is where the packaging comes into play. The packaging also helps with your branding and advertising, making it worth paying close attention to. With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to evaluate your product packaging to ensure it is ready to withstand the upcoming weather and catch the eye of customers while doing so.

Pay Attention to Heat

The biggest concern for product packaging during the summer months is the heat. If your product sits in a hot truck with no air flow for days at a time, the temperatures can rise dramatically, affecting the product as well as the packaging. Because of this, make sure that you are using high-quality adhesives that won’t lose their stickiness in the heat, ruining your packaging. You should also double check that the cardboard or other material you select will prevent the product within from being damaged by this heat. Double wall boxes, for example, will add a layer of protection to keep out the heat.

Adjust Your Imagery

The quality of the packaging isn’t your only concern for the summer; you still need to create a design that appeals to customers and encourages them to choose your product over the competition. One of the best ways to do this is with seasonal, summery imagery. Throw in a beach umbrella, sun, or some flowers on your packaging. If you have people on the packaging, dress them in summery clothing with pastel colors. The possibilities for summer imagery are endless, so talk to your design team about what will work well for your product. Just remember not to adjust the packaging so much that your branding is lost.

Know the Color Schemes

While spring packaging typically revolves around pastels, summer packaging moves towards yellows and oranges or other bright colors. You can also use white to your advantage during this time of the year, working well as an alternative for products that seem odd when paired with bright shades.

Show How Your Product Is Relevant

Consider making minor adjustments to your packaging for summer to show consumers how your product will make their summers better. This can be as simple as a phrase or image of it in use. If, for example, you sell a food product, the label “Great for picnics!” may be a nice addition. With a bit of creativity, any product can be used for summer, so show your customers how this is the case.

Follow General Packaging Tips

Just because summer has its own set of packaging ideas and tips doesn’t mean you should ignore the others. No matter the time of the year, your packaging needs to clearly indicate what your product is used for and what it looks like as well as be easy to open. Your packaging must still protect your product and be attractive so it gets the attention of potential buyers.

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