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Tips for Creating an Excellent Counter Display

Counter displays are an excellent way to increase sales of your product, especially in the form of impulse purchases that take place right at the cash register. That said, you can’t simply set up a counter display and hope for the best. While some people will still end up buying your product, this may not be enough to make it worth it. Instead, follow these tips and put a bit of effort into your display, and you will see sales of your item increasing dramatically.

Choose the Item Carefully

While you could technically turn any item that fits into a counter display, some will do much better than others will. You want to limit yourself to a single product so your customer only has to choose whether to buy, not whether to buy and which one to buy. Remember that counter displays encourage impulse purchases. The more decisions that need to be made, the longer this takes, reducing the chances of a purchase. That said, you can frequently get away with including multiple variations of a similar product, such as various flavors of lollipops.

When choosing the item, you should also pay attention to how much it costs. Keep it cheap enough that those who see it will think of it as a negligible amount to add to their shopping cart without going over budget. As a rule, counter displays work best for items under $20, but you will likely see the best results with those under $5. You can also give the product added value in the form of a tear-off coupon that can be used immediately or an included coupon that clients can use on their next purchase.

Match Your Product and Brand

You also need to take care when designing the counter display itself. Make sure that the color scheme and overall design work well with your product and follow your branding. Regardless of your product, you should be able to find a box style that works well, whether you sell soap, lotion, candy, snacks, lip balm, or something else. Remember that you will also have to make sure the product works well with the store itself, so consider the lighting by the register as well as the type of space that you will have at your disposal. If you can’t find an exact box style that meets your display needs, the best packaging manufacturers can work with you to customize one.

Follow Color Psychology

During the design process, you will want to keep in mind the color psychology that advertisers use. While this is important on all packaging, it is particularly crucial for counter displays since customers have less time to make the decision. Therefore, let their subconscious color associations help you. Remember that silver is linked to elegance and sophistication; gold to quality and luxury; black to mystery, elegance, and power; white to simplicity, cleanliness, and new beginnings; blue to honesty and strength; green to growth and security; and red to passion and strength.


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