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How to Get Your Packaging Through the Summer Heat

Don’t leave your packaging or the product within at risk of damage from the summer heat. If you aren’t careful with your packaging, it can become warped in the heat or not protect your product enough. You don’t want to end up with damaged packaging or damage to your product, as this would then be a loss in your books, requiring complete replacement. Luckily, it is relatively easy to get your packaging through the summer heat if you know what you are doing and follow some basic advice.

Hire a Packaging Company with Experience

Give yourself a head start with your summer packaging by choosing a packaging manufacturer with experience. If they have been around for years, they will already know how to select materials that can withstand heat and will be able to give you advice. Instead of having to start from scratch with your packaging to handle the summer, you can just take advantage of their experience and knowledge, saving you time and money, both spent in planning the packaging as well as replacing damaged items.

Pay Attention to Materials

One of the most important parts of ensuring your packaging is ready to withstand the summer heat is selecting the appropriate materials. As mentioned, any experienced packaging manufacturer should be able to tell you which adhesives, cardboard, plastic, and other materials do best while sitting in a hot truck. These sturdier materials may sometimes cost more, but they are well worth it as they will save you money in the long run by preventing damaged products.

Label It Accordingly

Give your product an extra layer of defense against the hot and humid weather by appropriately labeling both the individual packaging and the box that multiple products are shipped within. Let customers, retailers, and shipping companies know that your packaging and product shouldn’t be placed in direct sunlight or environments of a certain temperature. This should increase the packaging’s ability to deal with the summer heat since it won’t be exposed to such extreme conditions.

Consider Climate-Controlled Shipping

Depending on the type of product you sell, you may want to consider opting for climate-controlled shipping. Perishable products should always be shipped in refrigerated vehicles, but there is a middle ground. Make sure that the shipping company you select uses well-ventilated trucks, even those with fans in the cargo area to help keep products and the packaging cool when in the truck for hours or days on end.

Don’t Be Afraid to Test It Out

If you aren’t confident that your packaging can handle the summer heat, take the time to test it out. You can always do a short run or ask for a sample of the packaging then put it through various tests. For the best results, send your test packaging complete with a product in the same way you will be shipping the ones for sale. This way, you will be able to order your packaging with confidence, knowing that your product will reach its destination undamaged and with the box intact as well.


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