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Follow These Tips If You Are Dissatisfied with Your Packaging Run

No matter the type of product you sell, the packaging that goes along with it is very important. Packaging not only protects your product but also delivers the first impression that potential buyers will see, making it partially responsible for whether or not they choose your product over the competition. Because of the importance of packaging, you never want to be dissatisfied with your packaging run. If you are for some reason, then follow these tips to correct the issue and have a successful run.

Figure out Why You’re Dissatisfied

The first step should always be figuring out why you aren’t happy with your packaging run. Does the packaging not look like you thought it would? Are the materials poor quality? Are you receiving poor customer service? Only by getting to the root of the problem can you resolve it and be completely satisfied with your packaging run.

Talk to the Packaging Manufacturer

Whether or not your dissatisfaction with the packaging run is due to the company you hired to manufacture it, you should try talking to them right away. In the case of issues caused by the packaging manufacturer, tell them how they are failing to meet expectations and see if they can make adjustments to improve. If all else fails, you may need to work with a different packaging manufacturer, but most companies will want to keep your business and work to resolve the issue. Even if your dissatisfaction with the packaging run has nothing to do with the company you hired to take care of it, they may be able to offer suggestions for improvements. They have experience with their jobs, which should allow them to have excellent recommendations for the most common issues. At the very least, they may able to pause the run until you make the necessary adjustments.

Consult Your Design Team

In cases where your dissatisfaction comes from the way the product packaging looks, take the time to talk to your design team. Let them know what area of the packaging you think needs to be changed and why this is the case. They should have suggestions to correct the issues you have found and get you back on track.

Do Customer Research

Sometimes, you aren’t satisfied with your packaging run but aren’t sure why. In this situation, consulting potential customers may help. Have a focus group look at the product and tell you what they like and don’t like as long as well as offer suggestions. This should lead you towards the correct adjustments that will make you happy with your packaging.

Make the Necessary Changes and Do a Short Run to Confirm

After you have made the necessary changes to your packaging, whether that is design, materials, or even the packaging company, opt for a short run before your full packaging run. This will give you the chance to confirm that you are completely satisfied with the adjustments made and your packaging is exactly as you want before you commit to and spend money on the full packaging run.


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