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Memorial Day Packaging Redesigns: What You Need to Know

With Memorial Day approaching, it is time to start thinking about how you can redesign your product packaging for this holiday. Memorial Day is the time when we honor those who have died in service to our country, and many businesses see it as an opportunity to adjust their packaging design in a way that honors all military members.

Just Like Any Other Holiday

As a businessperson, you can treat Memorial Day just like any other holiday. This means that you should use it as a chance to get some variation in your standing packaging that helps your product stand out from the crowd. Packaging that is specific to the holiday can help you stand out from the competition and boost sales from those looking to show their patriotism. To make it even better, the vast majority of industries can take advantage of Memorial Day packaging. From clothing to games to food, there are numerous creative ways to adjust your packaging and fit in with the holiday. After all, the military personnel being honored have used the same products as everyone else.

Show Off Your Patriotism

If you aren’t sure how to redesign your product packaging for Memorial Day, you can always keep it simple and go with a nice, patriotic theme. Adjust the color scheme on your packaging to be red, white, and blue or throw in some imagery of the flag for American companies. Those looking to celebrate the Canadian Memorial Day can use flag imagery, red and white, or even maple leaves.

Give Thanks to Those Who Serve

To make your Memorial Day packaging truly appealing to customers, make it clear why you have adjusted the design. Consider adding a line on the packaging itself expressing your thanks to those who risk their lives in service to the country or those who have fallen while doing so. To make it clear whom you are honoring, you can always include imagery of military tags or something similar.

Short Runs Make It Easy and Affordable

Some smaller companies are hesitant to create Memorial Day packaging redesigns, as they are concerned that it will be too expensive to do so. The good news is that thanks to short runs, it is possible to make a limited-run version of your product packaging just for Memorial Day. Since you only need to order as many boxes or other packages as you need, without having to get extras. This way, you will be saving money and don’t have to worry about leftovers just sitting around, taking up space.

Quick Turnaround – It’s Not Too Late

While you should ideally get your Memorial Day packaging design figured out and ordered as soon as possible, quick turnaround times from the best companies make it possible for those who have fallen behind. Remember that Memorial Day is on Monday, May 29, in the United States and Saturday, July 1, in Canada this year, so plan on having your packaging on the shelves for at least several weeks around these dates.

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