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How to Incorporate Green into Your Packaging Run

No matter what type of product you sell, it makes sense to incorporate green into your packaging run. You may want to add some of this color in the literal sense or search for ways to make your packaging greener, as in being “environmentally friendly”.


Regardless of the choice, you will be happy to learn that there are multiple ways of effectively adding green to your packaging run without compromising budget, branding, or sturdiness of the packaging.


Reduce the Amount of Packaging Used


The most obvious way to incorporate green principles into your packaging run is to reduce the amount of packaging used for your product. You may think this is impossible when in reality, it is a very attainable goal. Take a close look at your product and the packaging that you use. If there is any empty space between the product and the packaging, you probably have room to eliminate material. The only exception is if you need to fill the empty space with cushioning materials to protect your product.


Many businesses settle for a packaging shape that works “okay” for their product in the beginning, but by switching to one that is customized, the amount of packaging used is actually reduced. This will make your product greener while cutting down on production costs.


Opt for Biodegradable Materials


Even if you cannot find a way to reduce the amount of packaging used without compromising your product, you can still make it green. In this case, determine what materials can be swapped out for something biodegradable. Whether you use paper containers, plastics, or packing nuts, you can find biodegradable materials that will not be wasted by your customers and therefore, left in landfills.


Make Your Packaging Functional in The Future


Perhaps one of the best ways to incorporate green into your packaging run is to figure out a way to make your packaging serve another purpose once the product is safely delivered to your client. For example, if you sell a food product or bath soap geared at kids, see if you can make your packaging work as a toy once the package is empty. This way, the packaging will not end up in a landfill.


Better yet, since your customers will keep using the packaging, they will constantly think of your product, as well anyone else who sees them playing with the toy. Similarly, you can design cosmetic or candle packaging to work well as decorative storage.


Add the Color Green So Clients Know


In addition to helping the planet by incorporating green in your packaging, you will notice that it boosts sales if clients learn about your efforts. People want to be environmentally-friendly but in the easiest ways possible. This means they will choose a green product over one that is potentially harmful to the environment, even if the product type and quality is the same.


Consider using a small green circle or some other shape on your packaging that lets clients know about the eco-friendly efforts you made. A phrase as simple as “Packaging Made from Biodegradable Materials” can boost sales, but of course, make sure the statement is true.

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