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How to Stand Out Among The Different Wine Boxes

You’ve just pressed out your first grape harvest, and it’s in the barrels aging. It’s going to be so good, and you are excited about getting it out to the public. Now is time to focus on designing the box that your wine will be packaged in. With the myriad of wines out there available for people to purchase, how will your wine stand out from all of the others? Not all wines are boxed, but many are. You have chosen to market your wine bottled and boxed. So now, choose your design.


Your Vineyard Name


By now, you have named your vineyard. Is it distinct and unique or does it sound similar to another brand? If you’ve called your wine something like “Bottles and Jones,” you may want to reconsider choosing a name that doesn’t sound as much like another brand. You may use your own name, provided it isn’t the same as another vintner’s, or use your dog’s name. A name that evokes the beauty of your vineyard is appropriate. Just be sure that it is unique and will stand out when it’s imprinted on your wine box.


Your Logo


A unique logo printed on your wine box will help it to stand out from all the others. If you are a good artist, you may be able to do your own logo design. Otherwise, choose a good marketing company to design your logo for you. A distinctive logo is an extremely vital component in distinguishing your product in the marketplace. We all know that there are certain logos that, when seen alone, need no explanation. We just know and recognize them for the product or company they represent. Your logo may not become as universally known as are the Golden Arches, but it will still set your wine apart from the rows of others on the store shelf.




Color is a critical component of marketing design. Choosing the right color can make or break a product. For the most part, wine boxes seem to lean toward using the colors of grapes and/or wines. That means some light greens, but mainly colors in the purple/red spectrum. You might consider breaking with tradition and choosing a color that complements your vineyard name. For instance, if your vineyard name is Sunshine Acres, you might employ the judicious use of yellow in the design of your box.


Overall Design


A nice, crisp photo of your vineyard may make an appealing and distinctive box design. Change it up a bit by softening the photo or blurring it around the edges. Combining the logo, the name of your wine, and other artwork into an overall pleasing look will contribute significantly to making your wine box stand out from the crowd. There are a number of ways to use these three components to enhance your wine box and make its look unique. You may even consider altering the shape of the box, changing it from an ordinary rectangle to more distinctive shape.


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