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Think Inside and Outside the Box

When you are planning to design a box to hold that special product you’ve created, or if you’re just considering a redo of a tired old design, consider the possibility of thinking inside the box instead of just outside. No, this isn’t a suggestion to be less creative, but one to be even more creative! Box designs aren’t just for the outside of the box anymore. You can also create a design for the inside of the box. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Some Things to Consider


Before you go all hog wild on creating a design for the inside of your box, remember that you will be incurring more setup and ink costs at the printer’s. If you hire a graphic artist to do the design, you’ll be doubling your cost there, too. So if you’re working on a shoestring budget, you may not have this option. However, you must also consider that depending on what you put on the inside, you may increase sales enough to justify the extra expense.


What to Put Inside


That’s up to you! There are a number of things that you can put on the inside of the box. Your product will determine to a great degree what goes inside, as will your target market. If your product is a child’s jigsaw puzzle, for example, you could make a line drawing of the puzzle picture inside the lid for the child to color after the puzzle is completed. If you make handmade soap and box it, you could write the story of how you were inspired to make soap, how you chose the ingredients, or tell a little about the process. If you make boxed greeting cards, you could draw lines or create a checklist for the purchaser to list who he or she needs to send the cards to, along with the appropriate date for mailing. If your product has components that can either be replaced or added to the base unit, you could place the order form inside for additional parts.


If you have no need or desire for information to be printed inside the box, consider just creating an attractive design for the inside. Ladies’ cosmetics or toiletries can be made more elegant with a pretty design inside the box, maybe done in gold or silver foil printing.




Other ideas for inside designs include coupons for future purchases, code sequences to be entered into your website for a prize such as points or a free gift, or a request for feedback on your product with a reward for doing so.




Particularly if your box is small, you may wish to put additional information about the product inside the box. It’s better to do that than to make the print on the outside so tiny that no one can read it. Instructions on how to use the product, contact information, or uses for the product can all be placed on the inside of the box.


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