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Cosmetic Branding: Using Your Package First

When you are considering how to best brand your cosmetic product, think of the packaging in which it will be marketed. This is the first thing that the potential customer will see, so you want it to be unique, distinctive, attractive, and appropriate.


Package Style


There are a number of different styles of boxes or packages designed especially for cosmetic items from which to choose. There is the simple sleeve that works well for hard-to-package items and flat items such as fake eyelash trays and eye shadow palettes. There are the tube boxes that are used for lipsticks or mascara. For small items such as little bottles of liquid (could be skin care serum, nail polish, or any number or things), you may like the custom box with a divider or insert. The insert is made to cradle the small bottle to protect it during shipment. The insert can be designed to fit two bottles, a bottle and an applicator, or a bottle and an accompanying item.


You may like the box with the window that will showcase your product or the box with a custom cutout that will let your product’s container show through. We can also design a box that is die-cut to fit your product. This is similar to the custom box with divider/insert, only it is just one unit – no insert. This type of box is great to hold shaped bottles or containers, such as a Santa head for a Christmas special promotion of your product. Boxes with custom cutouts, inserts, or windows are especially attractive and appealing to many consumers. These boxes say, “What’s inside is so special that we designed a box around it.” It isn’t just a square or rectangular box that the product was stuffed into.


Package Display


There are also boxes that are specially designed to hang on pegs rather than stand on shelves. This type of box is great for lightweight products such as hair extensions, acrylic nails, and many other items. If your product is small and lends itself to being displayed in the check stand aisle or on an endcap as an impulse item, there is a box style that holds a quantity of the product. This works well for small bottles of nail polish, lip balm, or any other small item.


Custom Box Styles


Other box styles include the tuck bottom style, an ordinary stand-up box good for bottles, and the box designed especially for bars of soap. If there is not a size or shape that is a good fit for your cosmetic product, we will work with you to create a custom box that will showcase your product and set it apart from the others.


Graphics and Printing


Dress up your cosmetic product’s box with a great design that is both eye-catching and useful. Make the box pretty as well as informative, spelling out the product’s use, benefits, and if appropriate, the ingredients. You will have a package that you can be proud of and that will distinguish your cosmetic item from the others.

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