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Four Tips for Creating Packaging that Speaks for Itself

Now that you have your dynamo product ready to market, you are ready to design the packaging it will go in. Or maybe your tried and true product’s packaging just needs a facelift. In either case, you’ll want something that will make your product stand out from the crowd, fit the product, appeal to your target market, and make it easy for the consumer to recognize the product contained inside. Here are four tips to help you make all of this happen.


Make It Unique


Before you design your package, go shopping. That is, go scout out the competition and see how other similar products are being packaged. Can you improve on the other designs? How different can you make your packaging and yet have it be appropriate to the product? Does everyone else have their similar products in orange boxes? How about trying yours in blue or purple? Are all of the competing thingamajigs in a square box? Consider putting yours in heavy-duty paper bag that’s printed to suit. You want to make sure your packaging suits your product, while at the same time standing out as unique.


Make It Practical


If your product is a square item or maybe a cube shape, you won’t want to put it in a round package—not unless that’s part of your gimmick. Look at your product, make accurate measurements, and design your package to fit. Make the size fit as well as the shape. There’s no need to put a two-inch item in a ten-inch package. Not only will you waste packaging and money, your clients will be disappointed that their product seems small in comparison to the package.


Make It Appropriate


If your product is a classy ladies’ perfume, you won’t want cartoon artwork on the box. Conversely, if your item is a child’s game, you likely won’t want to print the cover with lace and flower bouquets. There are many target markets—men, women, children, teens, seniors, yuppies, millennials, farmers, mechanics, housewives, medical professionals—the list nearly endless. If your product is a general all-inclusive item, say a package of cookies, a neutral design, preferably showcasing the cookies on the front of the box or bag along with your special company logo, will appeal to all ages and both sexes.


Make It Recognizable


Whether this is your first or your 101st product, you’ll want to develop a logo and a “look” that people will be able to instantly recognize after seeing it once or twice. Who can mistake the Quaker man whether you can read “oats” on the box or not? Or the Keebler Elves? You can think of dozens of products that you know just by seeing their logos. Make that your goal—a logo on your packaging that people will learn to spot and recognize instantly. You can use color, a standout font, special artwork, or an unusual box design as your identifier—whatever works to make the packaging instantly recognizable to your potential customers.




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