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How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Point of Purchase Displays With Packaging

Many manufacturers and retailers make a large chunk of their sales on point of purchase displays, as it is common for shoppers to consider these impulse buys as they are in line to make a purchase. However, you cannot just expect or even hope for shoppers to buy the products on these displays. The right packaging can encourage those purchases by inspiring confidence in the product, showing off its benefits, or just bringing attention to a product that would otherwise be overlooked.

Complement Your Product

Make sure that your point of purchase (POP) display complements the product that you are selling. You want the product to be the focus of the presentation, not the packaging itself. As such, ensure that your POP display features large openings and convenient compartments for the product. It is common for products in these displays to have minimal packaging, with the primary packaging coming from the display.

To ensure the display complements the product, ensure you follow the same brand imagery and that the description and colors do not clash. The display should be an extension of the individual product packaging, not something that competes with it.

Consider Immediate Use Elements

When creating your point of purchase display packaging, consider including elements that shoppers can take advantage of right away. Maybe this is a QR code to scan and get a reward. Or perhaps it is a stack of removable coupons that customers can use on the product right away. A coupon may be the factor that encourages shoppers to buy your product then. Or, offer a rip-off coupon or QR code for a future discount, encouraging repeat shoppers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Your point of purchase display will seldom be alone in the store’s checkout area, so you will have to compete for the attention of shoppers with other products. As such, you should not be afraid to stand out from the crowd. If you stand out, you even have the potential to attract customers who had no intention of even looking for a product like yours. The creativity will catch their attention, then the product or relevant information in the display will draw them in, encouraging them to try out the product.

Create Several Displays and Rotate Them

Do not limit yourself to just one POP display, as this can get boring over time. Consider creating several variations and swapping them out regularly. This will keep things interesting and continue to grab the attention of shoppers, as they see you created something new. To figure out how often to swap out the displays, evaluate how often customers typically buy your products.

It does not even have to be overly costly to create multiple point of purchase displays, thanks to the existence of short-run packaging. If you choose a packaging manufacturer that offers short-run packaging, you can order just a few hundred of the display boxes in each style, making it easy and cost-effective to create several unique designs.

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