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Tips to Maximize Your Bakery Product Packaging

While the quality of your baked goods is the most important part of bringing in new and returning clients, your product packaging also plays a key role. You want packaging that is visually appealing, showcases your brand, and protects your products.

To maximize your product packaging for your bakery, follow these tips.

Ensure the Packaging Is Sturdy Enough

You want to keep costs down with your product packaging, but be sure not to take this too far. You should not sacrifice quality to save a few pennies per product, as this can hurt you in the long run. After all, your packaging needs to be able to protect your product.

At the bare minimum, ensure that the packaging you choose is sturdy enough to fully support the products, whether they are heavy cakes, cookies, or something else. This way, the product will not cause the bottom to rip, dropping your baked goods to the ground and leading to dissatisfied customers.

You also want the material used to be sturdy enough to give the box shape, so it protects the products from all sides. After all, you want the frosting and other decorations on your goods to stay as pretty as they were when they left the store.

Create a Unique Colour Scheme That Fits Your Brand

You will also want to pay close attention to the overall imagery and colours on your product packaging. Be sure that the design you choose works with your brand imagery, featuring things like your logo and the appropriate colours. At the same time, try to ensure it is distinct enough from your competitors to stand out.

Ideally, people who see your bakery product packaging will recognize it right away. This translates into extra free advertisement for you as passersby see people carrying your items and think of your bakery.

Include Cut-Outs for Visibility

Baked goods almost require you to include cut-outs in your packaging design. Customers want to be able to see the cakes or cookies, especially if you display them in your store or somewhere else already packaged. After all, this is essential so they can view the product and choose the one they like the best.

If you want product packaging for items that you box up in the store in front of the customer, then you can skip the cut-outs. Or, create some boxes with cut-outs and some without. In this case, the customer will already know what the goodies look like before they get boxed up, and they may want them hidden if they are part of a surprise.

Always Include the Key Information

Of course, you always want to include the essential information on your bakery’s product packaging, just like you would with any other product. Include your company’s name, logo, and contact information, as well as social media profiles and website. In the case of prepackaged baked goods, include the legally required information, such as ingredients and nutritional information. You should also consider including storage recommendations to extend the life of the baked goods.

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