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How Your Packaging Is an Extension of Your Brand

When it comes time to create your product packaging, you should make it a point to view it as an extension of your brand. If you correctly incorporate your brand into your packaging, you will notice a boost to sales as well as brand recognition. If you fail to include it, you will likely see the opposite, such as decreased sales.

Consider It One of the Essential Elements to Include Brand Imagery

Just like if you include your logo on your website, business cards, and website, you need to make sure you consider your packaging as an essential inclusion on your list of items to get the brand imagery. This helps consumers know that your product comes from your brand. Without the connected brand imagery, they may be left wondering who made the product they are debating.

If they cannot recognize the branding, they may even assume it is a newcomer to the market or worse – a product from a brand they have not heard about due to poor quality. You can avoid that confusion on the part of the customers by including your brand imagery.

Your Packaging Serves As Advertising

Regardless of your industry, your product packaging’s inclusion of your brand imagery also serves as advertising for your company. Everywhere your packaging goes, people will see your brand colors, logo, and name. In the best-case scenario, people will see it on the shelves of a store or see someone else carrying the product and want to try it out themselves.

At the very least, your packaging helps enhance your brand recognition. Even if passersby do not consciously notice your packaging colors or your company logo, the next time they see it, it will look more familiar. Over time, brand recognition will build.

Essentials for Incorporating Your Brand Into Your Packaging

With the importance of including your brand in your packaging clear, the question becomes how to go about it. The starting point should be to include your company name in the familiar font, your logo, and your typical color scheme.

Your brand color scheme does not need to take up the entire product packaging, mainly if you use colors to distinguish between different similar products in your lineup. Just ensure that it is prominent enough to be recognized.

You should also be sure to incorporate the full range of ways to connect with your brand on the packaging. Do not just include your phone number and address. Include your website and social media pages. If you have a hashtag campaign, include that as well.

Your Packaging Determines Opinions of Your Brand

Because your packaging is an extension of your brand, you can also use it to convey the message you want to regarding your brand. If you want to be known as eco-friendly, include a prominent blurb on your packaging about steps you have taken to go green with a QR code to scan to learn more. The message you convey about your brand via packaging can be as simple as you want. Even something like creating durable packaging that protects your product will create favorable impressions about your brand.

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