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How Do You Know It’s Time to Redesign Your Packaging Run?

No matter the product, your packaging design is one of the most important factors affecting sales. You need a design that stands out from the crowd without looking out of place. Unfortunately, you will have to redesign the packaging every once in a while since trends change and something that was perfect will be out of date in a few years. Watch out for the following signs that you need to consider redesigning your packaging run.

Cost of Production

One of the most common reasons to consider a packaging redesign is if the cost of production is too high. Just like any other industry, there are constant innovations in terms of packaging. This means that materials and processes that were once the most affordable won’t always be. Sometimes, simply switching to a newer material will cut down your production costs dramatically.

Shipping Costs

On a related note, it is possible to reduce the costs of shipping your product by making minor adjustments to the packaging. If you opt for lighter materials or change the box shape so it takes up less space, you will find yourself saving money every time you ship your product somewhere. Some quick calculations can let you know if a packaging redesign can make a significant difference in your profits.


Two elements of safety can require a redesign. Your packaging may no longer keep the product safe, or it may pose a safety risk to customers. Maybe the plastic on the packaging is too sharp and there is a risk of customers cutting themselves when opening it. Or perhaps the packaging is too weak and your products routinely get damaged during shipment or in stores. In either case, you will want to consider a redesign.

Government Regulations

Governmental regulations for various items can also change, legally requiring you to adjust your packaging. Maybe there are new regulations related to the materials used and their environmental friendliness. Or perhaps the requirements for food packaging have changed. An example would be requiring additional nutritional information.

Changing Product

An obvious reason to redesign your packaging is if you have adjusted the product itself. If it is now larger or a different shape, the old packaging may simply no longer work. Even if you make minor changes, you may want to do the same with the packaging so customers know that your product is “new and improved;” you can even write that on the package.


If your company has decided that it is time to rebrand or redesign your logo, you will definitely want to include the packaging on the list of items affected. You always need brand uniformity, so any tweaks to your logo and overall branding will have a direct impact on the packaging, as well.

It’s Been a While

Even if you don’t think any of the above apply, you should redesign your packaging run if you haven’t done so in a few years. You may still think it is fine, but your customers will probably tell a different story. Your product probably seems dated, even if you don’t realize it. Work with a designer to get an update, and your sales will increase.

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