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How Poor Packaging Hurts Your Product

Anyone selling a product knows that packaging is crucial. Your product packaging creates the first impression on your potential new clients. It also helps repeat customers find your product on the crowded shelves of the store and is part of your brand. But, what happens when your product packaging is not up to par? Discover how poor packaging can hurt your product.

It Can Cause Damaged Products


One of the worst issues with poor packaging is that it can lead to damaged products. If you cut corners on your packaging, you may use lower-quality materials that are not as sturdy. This can result in products damaged during the shipping process, whether to stores or consumers. In some cases, the damage may not be immediately obvious, causing both online and in-store shoppers to go home with damaged items.

If your company has to deal with damaged products regularly, this hurts your business in multiple ways. To start, each damaged product is lost money for your company as you will have to replace the item. After all, you cannot expect a retailer to sell a damaged product or expect a consumer to use something less than what was paid for. In other words, you will incur the cost of the damaged product. You will also lose time as you need to send out a new product.

Damaged products can also hurt your reputation. Customers want the promised item every time, not a broken version of it. If there is a large risk of a damaged product, this discourages purchases.


It Can Hurt Your Reputation


Even if your poor packaging does not cause damage to your product, it can still hurt your reputation. The product packaging may give the impression that you did not put effort into it. Customers may assume that if you did not work on the packaging, you probably lacked care for the product itself. That, in turn, encourages them to buy from a competitor. You do not want a reputation for cutting corners as this tends to indicate a lower-quality product.


It Does Not Continue Your Brand Imagery


Poor product packaging may also fail to continue your brand imagery. If you do not take the time to plan your packaging, you may accidentally omit key elements of your brand imagery. Your packaging should continue the stylistic elements of your website and other products. If you rush the packaging, you may fail to achieve this uniformity, making it harder for clients to find your product or hurting your brand recognition.

It Fails to Appeal to Customers


Another significant issue with poor product packaging is if it fails to appeal to customers. Perhaps the packaging is too large or too small for their needs. Alternatively, maybe it is too hard to open or not convenient to carry. Poor packaging tends to fail to account the customers’ needs, which leads to slow sales. Instead, take time to list the requirements your customers have, and then create packaging based on that.

You can avoid all of the above issues with some careful planning that encourages customers to buy your product.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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