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Three tips for Nailing a Subscription Box Packaging

Looking to deliver a lasting impression of your brand? Gotta nail that subscription box packaging!

Competing for customer’s time and money in today’s business world is not a piece of cake. Subscription boxes have emerged as a new tactic to attract and keep customers hooked.  Now with so many different subscription box companies raiding the market, how can you craft a memorable brand experience that can both retain the current subscribers and attract more new ones? For the most successful subscription box companies, the box itself is a key brand ambassador. You may not find this very essential in the initial phases of your business but investing in the right custom packaging since the beginning can be just as valuable as investing in an attractive website.

Whether you own a small coffee shop in the town, an online clothing brand, a cosmetic store or any consumable business, a subscription is a great way to introduce your customers to new offerings & expanding their horizons to try a selection of products they otherwise might not.

About subscription boxes one thing’s for sure – the packaging is a proper marketing opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

In this post, we’ll share some important tips on how to improve your subscription box packaging as well as some practical advice on how to tailor the unboxing experience for your customers.  

Reflect on your packaging options

A key consideration when you are about to launch or grow your subscription service is the all-important packaging. This presentation is considered to be just as important as what’s inside. Your subscription box packaging should both engage your audience while telling a story at the same time – either about your brand, or the contents inside.

The typical choice for subscription service packaging is – you guessed it right – a box. Why? Because a mailer box is relatively easy to ship and available in a wide range of sizes. Also, they are super user-friendly. If you’re shipping anything a little bulky or heavier (like suitcase or beer), then go for a shipper box suited to your offering.

Another option for delicate and smaller services is a padded bag, pouch, or envelope. While this does offer protection to products, the options for customization & branding also go wild.

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