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Four Tips for Addressing Top Packing Problems

Your product packaging is a critical factor in encouraging sales of your items, so you want to make sure it is perfect. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of time and effort to get the ideal packaging. Many companies find themselves dealing with the same packaging issues repeatedly. Look at how you can address some of the most common and frustrating packing problems.

Standing Out From the Competition


The age-old issue with advertising and packaging is standing out from the competition. You need your packaging to encourage customers to choose your product over the others available, but how do you convey that message effectively via the packaging?

Part of this involves creating the best possible artwork and using eye-catching fonts and colors. Another aspect is that you should try to get creative about the functionality of the packaging. If, for example, you sell food that can be eaten on the go, consider standing out by including a spoon or fork with your product.

Stacking Strength


With the rise in eco-consciousness, many companies want to decrease their material use. Unfortunately, this can result in thinner packaging and less stacking strength. However, stacking strength is crucial for the protection of your product, both while shipping and in the store.

To overcome this issue, examine the packaging and the product, including how they interact over time. Does your soap or other liquid product weaken the packaging material over time? If not, check if the material is too thin in strategic points, such as the base. You can also see if you can add additional support via strategic ribbing or thicker portions.

Minimizing Costs for Transportation


All companies want to minimize costs, and packing can be the unexpected source of many of your financial issues. The packaging design affects shipping costs via factors like size and weight. In other words, the common problem is that transportation costs are too high due to the packaging design.

If this is the case, you should reevaluate your packaging and see if you can reduce the weight or size of it. Make sure that you do not sacrifice structural integrity or the protection for your product, as this would cost you more in the long run.

Being Eco-friendly


Most companies want to be more eco-friendly, both to reduce their impact on the planet and to bring in eco-conscious customers.  Deciding to make your packaging more environmentally friendly is one thing, but figuring out how to achieve this goal is another.

To overcome this problem, look for inspiration from other products and their packaging solutions. One option is to swap out your current materials for recycled or recyclable ones. If you are not sure what eco-friendly materials would work for your product, then consult your product packaging manufacturer. They should have insight into the available materials and be able to give you suggestions based on experience.

Remember that you can also use short packaging runs to your advantage. Test out your redesigned packaging on a small scale to confirm it overcomes the above packing problems, then order a full batch when you are satisfied.

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