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Emerging Custom Branded Packaging Trends in the Food Industry

The packaging industry has always been on a roll, new styles come and go; consumer’s mind and desires shift and evolve. All of this makes the brands to continually look for new ways to stay ahead of the game in their respective markets. Custom branded packaging is now the latest trend rising up in the market.

Now food packaging is a highly vibrant and competitive industry that is always enjoying the rollercoaster ride of trends and innovations aiming to engage the consumer with the brand. Attractive and purposeful food packaging not only does the marketing of the product but also increases its shelf life.

Here are some of the main trends you need to be aware of in the food packaging industry. 


Over the past few years, food packaging has become environment-friendly and a lot greener. The push for sustainability has forced brands to ditch one-time useable plastics and provide reusable packaging or biodegradable and recyclable alternatives. We are now observing the increased use of paper custom branded packaging more than ever. Paper food trays have replaced old plastic food trays. In addition to that, a lot of research is happening around the subject of edible food packaging, where the packaging itself would be consumed as a part of the food. Multiple start-ups have also emerged in the packaging and green industry, manufacturing cutlery from plant-based materials and single-use food packaging.

Incorporating technology

Smart packaging is the new trend everyone is talking about. You can now embed technology right into the packaging to provide the consumer with more accessibility and information. All thanks to the cheap sensors, readily available software and computer hardware.

Most of the popular food brands are using product packaging that comes with embedded NFC chips or printed QR codes that can be scanned using a smartphone. This enables the user to be more aware and conscious of what they are putting in their body and also gives an edge to the brands as to how honest, clean and responsible they are.

Added dimension

Recently, custom branded packaging in the food industry has also become much more dynamic. This not only shows the creativity of the brand but also makes it handy. Our food no longer just comes in simple square or rectangular boxes and cylindrical jars. Since competition in the industry is aggressive, brands are now putting extra effort into choosing a packaging that sets them apart on the shelves. Convenience

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