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Five Key Tips to Help Your Cosmetic Packaging Stand Out

Like any other type of packaging, you want your cosmetic packaging to stand out from the crowd. Since many cosmetic products are very similar across various brands, it is truly the packaging that separates them and helps draw in customers. To make the packaging for your cosmetic packaging attract positive attention and improve sales, consider the following tips.

Include Some Transparency

If you look at the beauty products in your local store or online, you will notice that most come in transparent containers. While you may be tempted to use completely opaque packaging, this only works for certain products like mascara. Millennials and other consumers of cosmetics have decided that they love the appearance of transparent packaging. In addition to visual appeal, it lets customers know exactly what they are buying and gives them an idea of when the product is starting to get low, something they will appreciate.

Ensure It Is Easy to Use

It should go without saying, but your cosmetic packaging will only stand out if it is easy to use. Make sure that the packaging is easy to open and that your clients will have no issue accessing the beauty product inside. If you come up with a design that lets them get the last bit of concealer or another product out of the bottle with ease, let them know with a label on the packaging. Knowing you can actually use all of the product included is a big bonus for cosmetics.

Remember, It Should Be Portable

Before you get too far along in your cosmetic packaging, remember that portability is key. The average person will want to take your product with them in their makeup bag, and this isn’t possible if you opt for a bulky or oddly-shaped package. Similarly, you want the packaging to be durable so there is no risk of it breaking and spilling the beauty product when in the makeup bag. Make sure the top is no spill and that your potential customers know this; they will appreciate not having to clean up a mess of wasted product in their makeup bags.

Make It Reusable

Just like any other product you choose to package, your cosmetics will stand out more if the packaging itself is reusable. Maybe the eyeshadow palette can be cleaned and used as a jewelry organizer or the product’s main container comes in a pretty box that can then be used for storage. These little touches will appeal to customers who want to get the most for their money as well as those who are environmentally conscious.

Include Bonuses

A surefire way to make your cosmetic packaging stand out is to include a bonus with the product. If you sell foundation, maybe include a free brush or other tool designed to get every last drop out of the bottle. Or just include a bonus high-quality brush with your eyeshadow. Another alternative is to include a coupon on the packaging, either to be used right away or on the next purchase. Depending on your product, you can even include a bonus sample/travel size of the item or a sample of another product as well.


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