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How to Choose the Best Box Style for Your Product

How to Choose the Best Box Style for Your Product

One of the most important decisions you have to make as you design your product packaging is the box style. There are dozens of box styles to choose from, and sometimes the possibilities can seem overwhelming. With a few things in mind, however, it suddenly becomes significantly easier to choose the ideal box style for your product.

Consider Where and How It Will Be Displayed

The first thing to think about is where and how your products will be displayed. Are they just sold online, or will they appear in stores? If they are just online, you will want a more solid box style without excess openings.

If they are going to be sold in stores, think about where they will be displayed. For example, if they are going by the cash register, you may want a double wall with display lid style or punch partition. These would let the stores display several of your products at once. If they will only be on shelves, you can stick to the range of traditional rectangular box styles. This is also the time to consider whether your box needs a hanger on it.

Consider Your Product’s Shape and Size

You also need to think about the shape and size of your product. After all, a paper brief case would work well for rectangular, fairly flat items, while a T-box will do well with taller items. With the wide range of rectangular styles, there should be a box style that works well with your product, no matter its proportions.

This is also the time to think about how fragile your product is and whether it needs extra security from its box.

Think about Transportation

Don’t forget to consider how your packaging will be transported. You likely want something stackable for easier transportation. You also probably want a fairly sturdy box style, as you want your product to survive transport undamaged.

If you don’t have to worry about transportation much as the product just goes between your location and customers, you may want to get creative with options like pillow boxes or tulip boxes.

Look at Competitors

When in doubt, take a look at your competitors. If most of them use similar box styles, it is likely for a good reason. That would be a great starting point. Of course, you can also choose something different from the competitors to set apart your product. Just make sure it works with your product.

Think About Product Positioning – Do You Want a Luxury Feel or Be Eco-friendly?

Take a few minutes to think about how you position your product in the market. If you market it as a high-end item, you may want something more elegant, like a sleeve. If you market it as eco-friendly, consider a style that uses less material.

Consider Cost

Of course, your budget will also be a key consideration. Just remember to balance cost with quality. If you save money up-front with lower-quality boxes or something cheaper that doesn’t protect your product, you may end up spending more overall due to damaged products.


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