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Why Consider Flexible Packaging for Your Ecommerce Products

Every product is different, which is why there are so many different packaging styles available. When it comes to e-commerce, you could theoretically choose nearly any type of packaging, but flexible product packaging is well worth some extra consideration. Explore why flexible packaging should be at the top of your list for e-commerce.

Extra Protection

Compared to some other types of product packaging, flexible packaging offers increased protection. Many of the materials used for flexible packaging, for example, are much less likely to break, rip, or lead to spills than other packaging materials, like cardboard.

Uses Less Material

Although not always the case, it is common for flexible packaging to use less material than its non-flexible counterparts. As a comparison, to hold about 10 gallons of liquid, you would need just 1.5 pounds of plastic for flexible packaging, compared to three pounds or more of aluminum for cans.

That reduction in materials is essential for several reasons. To start, you will have lower packaging costs thanks to using less of it. Using less packaging also reduces your company’s environmental impact. That is good from a moral perspective, and it also looks good when you try to appeal to shareholders, potential customers, or investors.

Can Be Resealable

Flexible packaging also tends to lend itself to a resealable design with a more secure closure than you would find on a cardboard box. This ability to be resealed also helps in multiple ways. It lets you appeal to customers who will not use the entire package at once but want to retain freshness. It also makes it easier for clients to return the product without a mess, as returns are likely to happen.

Not only will returns be possible without much of a mess with resealable packaging, but there will be no need to repackage the product, wasting more materials, which, as mentioned, increases your costs and environmental impact.

Save on Shipping

We already mentioned that flexible packaging could save you money on production costs by using fewer materials. We also noted that resealable flexible packaging could save return costs, as you will not need to give customers a shipping box.

In addition to those savings, you will get savings on your initial product shipping and any shipping throughout the supply chain. After all, dimensional weight is a significant factor affecting shipping costs, and flexible packaging has less dimensional weight than boxes. To provide an idea of the potential savings, compare transporting a product in glass jars versus flexible pouches. You will need 25 times as many truckloads if you opt for the traditional glass jars or boxes.

Plenty of Options

When flexible packaging was first arriving on the market, there were not many options to choose from, but those times are long gone. Today, you will not have to limit your choices to get flexible packaging, as you can choose from various sizes, styles, materials, and more. This lets you stick to your marketing strategy and find packaging that protects your product while providing all of the above benefits.




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