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6 Packaging Tips From Leading Marketing Specialists

Packaging your product is about more than just protecting it and making sure it can survive the journey from your manufacturing facility to the consumer. Packaging is also a great way to advertise your item and help create your brand name. To make the most of your product packaging, you should carefully consider every aspect of its design. Use these tips from marketing specialists to successfully use your packaging as another form of advertising.

Remember Function and Form

While patterns and appearance are also important, form and function should be your priority. Packaging is designed to keep your product safe at all times. That being said, it also needs to have a form that appeals to consumers. Recognize that it serves two main functions: protection and advertising.

Consider Where Customers Will See It

You can’t just design your package in a vacuum without thinking about how it will be used. If your product will be sold in stores, think about how it will actually appear on the shelf. Do you want it to be stackable? Find a balance between packaging that is large enough to stand out and small enough to maximize the number of items a store can fit in your designated area. This way, you don’t have to worry about losing sales from the store not putting more on display. If you will only be selling the item online, then you will be more concerned about how it looks. Make sure it is eye catching so it stands out from other options while browsing online.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Some of the best packaging designs are the result of incredible creativity. The Scanwood kitchen utensils that appear as plants sprouting out of the ground and the Note headphone that is shaped into a music note both grab the consumer’s eye instantly. Have a brainstorming session with your team to figure out how you can turn your product into something related to it to create innovative packaging like this.

Provide the Necessary Information

One of the worst things for a packaging design is not making it clear what you are selling. If a potential client doesn’t know what your item is or why it matters, he or she won’t buy it. You need to be bold with your design, but still make it obvious what you are selling. Minimal packaging does have its place, but it only works well for those who already have a strong customer base and strong brand recognition.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

The best marketing departments in the world know that you will create the best packaging with help from multiple sources. While it is possible to create effective packaging with an in-house team, you will get the best results from a marketing or design agency with experience in the field.

Make It Practical

In addition to catching the customer’s eye, you want your packaging to be practical and easy to use. If you are selling a single-serving food item, for example, consider including a spoon so your customer can just take the entire product to work without worrying about anything. If you are selling electronics, make sure that it is actually easy to open the package without struggling with a pair of scissors for hours. Practicality is key to getting repeat customers and marketing your product as convenient.

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