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When Is It Time To Redesign Your Packaging

Part of running your business is knowing when you need to take the time to redesign your packaging. While a given style and design can work well for a long time, you will still need to update it at some point to keep it modern. Maybe your design has simply been around for too long or you aren’t taking advantage of the latest technologies. Here are just some of the signs to look out for that may indicate you need to think about redesigning your packaging.

Slowing Sales

There are numerous potential reasons that your sales may be slowing down, and an issue with your packaging is one of them. Most shoppers are at least subconsciously influenced by the packaging design of products they see on the shelves. If you haven’t changed yours in years, it may no longer be as innovative or exciting as it once was. The simple act of revamping your overall design or the colors and fonts on your package may be enough to renew customer interest and bring your sales back up to where they used to be – or higher.

Changing Product

Although it should hopefully be obvious, if you change something about your product, you will need toredesign the packaging as well. This is particularly true if the size or shape of your product has changed and it is unlikely to fit in the old packaging. Even if you just changed its color or something subtle that doesn’t affect its ability to fit within the packaging, you want to do a redesign. This way you can let customers know about the “new and improved” version of your product, including how the changes will make a huge difference in their lives.

New Technologies Available

Just like all other industries, the packaging manufacturing business is constantly evolving, offering newer technologies and options. Even if a redesign isn’t necessary, you may want to do one as a way to make sure you take advantage of this new technology. In this case, a redesign can differentiate your product from other similar items, make it more environmentally friendly – which customers love, or even reduce your production costs.

Growing Production Costs

Speaking of production costs, at some point, you may realize that your current packaging design simply isn’t as cost effective as you thought. If you work with an expert, they should be able to help you find ways to reduce your packaging costs through a simple change in design. Many of the best packaging manufacturers offer consultations like this as a way to boost their customer service and satisfaction. After all, customers who are happy and know they have a great deal will keep coming back.

Expanding Your Audience

As a natural part of business, you want to grow your company and increase your customer base. When you have a new target audience or client in mind, you will want to make adjustments to your packaging to appeal to them. Depending on the situation, you may redesign your entire package or keep using the old one but add a new variation of it as well. Either way, some sort of redesign is necessary.

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