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Four Ways To Improve Your Cold Food Packaging

Packaging any product can be a challenge, but this is particularly true for cold foods. Since the items need to remain cold, creating an insulated design that stands up to the cold temperatures and offers some product protection when removed from the fridge for a short period of time is a priority. This sometimes results in other factors being forgotten about or pushed aside. To get the most from your cold food packaging, however, you need it to do more than just protect the food in question and display your brand. The following things are crucial to this type of packaging, and, if you haven’t already done so, making these changes can dramatically improve it and your sales.

Give Clear Consumer Instructions

Because cold food packaging requires the product be kept cold, you need to give the consumers clear information. It should be clearly labeled whether the product should be kept in the fridge or freezer or if both of these are options. Make sure there is a label on the product letting your customers know how long it will remain good after they open it up as well. You don’t want a disappointed customer that didn’t read the instructions properly and had their frozen food go bad because they put it in the refrigerator instead. They are unlikely to buy another product from you in this case, even if the issue was user error.

Make It Resealable

One of the biggest problems with cold food packaging is what happens if your clients don’t use the entire thing in one sitting. Since the product has to be refrigerated or frozen, they will need to put it in another container or plastic bag to protect it. While this is always an option, most consumers find it much more convenient if they can simply reseal the package via something like a Ziploc seal, a cap that twists back firmly into place, or a lid that snaps back securely. Since they can reseal the package, customers won’t need to invest in other containers; they may even end up reusing your product’s packaging for other things later since they know it is safe in the fridge and freezer.

Consider Size Of Package

Take some time to consider how large your packages are. While making your product resealable is ideal, you don’t necessarily want your clients to have to put a partial container back in their fridge or freezer as it will take up more room. If you only sell your product in single-serving packages, consider making a family size as well, particularly if it is the type of item someone will prepare for their family dinner. If you only sell a large family size, consider a single-serving version so those who live alone don’t end up with a larger container than they need taking up space. This way, they also won’t have to worry about the product going bad after opening it.

Ensure It Can Stack

Finally, just like any other product, make sure your cold food packaging is stackable. This way the store can fit more of your product on their shelves. Stackable designs also encourage customers to buy more than one of your item since they will be easy to organize within their freezer or fridge.

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