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Every single product on the market has to be packaged in some way. At a minimum, packaging serves to keep items safe on their way to their destination. You want your packaging to stand out and keep your product safe, but it has to do much more than that. Even the best product will not sell unless it is boxed in the right container. Although it can be confusing to create your first packaging design, there are a few key aspects to always keep in mind. These are the qualities that will set the best packaging apart and improve your chances of successful sales.


In recent years, various studies have found that the majority of shoppers will make their final decision of which product to buy when they are physically in the store. This means that if you want your item to truly sell, it must stand out from the competition in some way. The best packaging will be creative and eye-catching without being too weird or far from normal for customers to appreciate. Even if you only sell online, creating eye-catching packaging is crucial, as potential clients may decide whether to take a closer look at your product based on a small thumbnail image.

Visually Appealing

Not only will the ideal packaging be eye-catching, but it will also be visually appealing. This means that while neon colors will attract clients to your product, they may end up putting it back on the shelf if the colors are too bright or odd. If your packaging is sturdy and visually appealing, clients may reuse it for another purpose in the future, and that should be your ultimate goal, as it continues to promote your product.


The best packaging will also be convenient for the customer. You want the product to be easy for your client to open without getting frustrated or necessarily needing a pair of scissors. It should also be a size and shape that is convenient for customers to bring home with them or take with them when on the go. When considering convenience, also think about retailers; top packaging will make it easy for stores to display a product, with features such as stackability.


It is a given that any great packaging will need to protect the product inside; after all, this was the original role of packaging. The perfect packaging will keep your product safe from heat, cold, sun, rain, dust, and other possible issues. Your product should look exactly the same when customers get it home as when it leaves your warehouse.


Finally, the very best packaging will also offer clients all of the information that they want and need about a product and company without being overcrowded with text. You should include your brand name, website, and contact information, as well as the product name, function, and how to use it. Your package should leave a potential client clear on what your product is, how to use it, and why to select it over the competition.

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