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You or your graphics department have just completed the design for your product. Everyone thinks it looks great. You are excited to get your product, your “baby,” out on the market. What are some of the things to consider, some of the questions you should ask before you okay the creation and printing of your packaging?

Can the Printer Of Choice Deliver?

The first step when you are in the packaging design process is to seek out a print shop that is capable of printing the type of packaging you need. Not every print shop has the same equipment and capability. So find the one who can do the job and ask them whatever questions you have up front. This allows you to deliver the design file in the correct format and know that they can deliver the finished packaging in an acceptable time frame.

Are Your Graphic Files Compatible?

Make certain that your design’s graphic file is compatible with your print shop. Nothing is changing faster than computer programs and the way that commercial printing is done. That favorite graphic design or page layout program of yours that you’ve used and loved for ten years is obsolete. The print shop of your choice may still have the older programs around to accommodate people who are still using them, but it’s your responsibility to check with your printer to see what type of files he can work with. Doing this first will save you or your graphics department hours of wasted time and effort if your program is not up to date.

What Is the Turnaround Time?

When you take your project in to the printer, ask what the turnaround time is for project completion. You are anxious to get your product packaged and out on the market in time for the upcoming holiday, which is three days from now. The print shop has jobs backed up three weeks out. Save yourself some stress and check with your printer early on in the design process.

Do You Understand Each Other?

It is critical when you turn over your graphic design file to the printer that you understand each other. Both of you will be very unhappy if when you get the finished product you find out that the sales representative thought you said “light hue” when you really said “light blue.” A reputable print shop will have a detailed order form that lists type of paper or other material to be printed, fonts, ink colors, turnaround time, proofs, and other details. Going over this information with the salesperson, and anyone else that may be needed to clarify issues, is vital to having a successful end product.

Who Will You Choose?

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