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What Information Should Be Included On Packaged Products

Packaging for your products can be the one chance that you have to make a first impression, or it can be what keeps bringing your customers back. Whether a promotion is successful or not can be influenced a lot by the packaging that you use. Keep in mind that how you present your product is how your customers will see your business venture, so really be careful to include the right things. Here are some ideas for information that your packaging should include.

Name and Logo

Have you ever made a purchase because you saw something on sale, just to forget the company that you bought it from? That is the last thing that you want to have happen with your business. One thing that will help you grow your business is having people remember you, so make sure to include your company’s name and logo in a visible area of the packaging. Make your logo stand out and memorable so that when people see it, they will be able to tell anyone what company the logo belongs to. If at all possible, include your business’ specialty, if you have one.


Your company should have a website; that is just the reality of the times that we live in. if you do not have a website, then you are allowing other people to tell your customers about you, and you should want to have control over that. Once you have a website, make sure to include it on any packaging so that the people you are doing business with can learn more about your company and place orders online, if they have the capability. Word of mouth will also help this way, because people who hear about you through your customers may feel more comfortable looking at your website first.

Contact Information

Repeat and new customers need to know how to reach you in order to talk to you about possible orders, customer service, or your products. The best thing that you can do is to include a telephone number and an email address for them to get in touch with your company. Some people will include one or the other, but giving potential and repeat customers every way to reach you will help you grow. Your address is not necessary unless you have a physical store where people can walk in and buy your product.

Product Description

In some cases, you will need to include a product description or additional safety or nutritional information. That is when short-run packaging can save you a ton of money and get your packaging to look more professional. If a description or product information is not necessary, then you can include your company’s specialty or niche, if there is one. That will let customers know that you can be there to meet any sort of need in that niche and get them to become return customers.

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