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The goal of any seller is to make sure that the product arrives to clients in perfect shape. The key to achieving this goal is high-quality, durable packaging. As such, you will always want to make sure that your packaging is as sturdy as possible. The strongest packaging will keep its shape while being shipped, working to protect your product. It will also provide at least some insulation against extreme heat and cold. The package should be strong enough to be stacked among other similar boxes without buckling, as this reduces shipping costs and the need to replace products.

Select High-Quality Materials

The first step to making sure your packaging is sturdier is to select your materials carefully. If you are concerned about the strength of your packaging or know it will be exposed to extreme conditions, pay close attention to this step. While recycled materials are fine, you shouldn’t simply reuse a cardboard box or similar item, as it will have already suffered wear and tear. Also, make sure you spend the extra few cents per box on thicker or sturdier cardboard. You will easily make up the extra money spent when you don’t have to replace damaged products that weren’t protected by the packaging.

Work with a Trusted Packaging Manufacturer

Perhaps the easiest way to make sure your packaging is as sturdy as possible is to work with the right manufacturer. Select a company with experience in the packaging industry who has a long list of satisfied clients. Make sure that it has a system in place to check and maintain the quality of its boxes and other containers. Companies with experience will already know how to make packaging strong without increasing the cost by too much, so you will benefit from the experience. As a bonus, its long track record will reassure you.

Pack It Correctly

Although the actual packaging itself is important to its sturdiness, so is the way that you pack it. If, for example, your box is larger than your product and you don’t fill in the empty space with something, it will easily buckle when stacked. Make sure that something in the box, such as plastic, foam, or your product, supports the top of the box. Don’t be afraid to play around with hidden cardboard or plastic inserts to add support if necessary.

Do a Trial Run

Once you think your packaging meets your strength requirements, it is time to test it out. Find a company that offers short-run packaging and order the minimum amount for your product. Package your product as you plan to do and test it in every way you can. When you feel confident, send a few of the items to stores or clients. If it turns out the packaging wasn’t as sturdy as you thought, simply make adjustments and do another short run. If it passes the test, you can place a larger order with confidence.

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