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Whether you sell your product in stores or online, you need it to stand out, and the packaging is the best way to achieve this goal. Numerous studies have found that many shoppers end up choosing which product to buy while in the store or browsing online; they don’t necessarily go in knowing what they want. To take advantage of this, make sure that your packaging is ready to be noticed among the other similar items on the shelf or webpage. Even if a potential client doesn’t buy it initially, he or she will at least notice it, earning you more brand recognition. Here are some easy ways to create unique packaging that truly stands out.

Start Early on

Although you may get lucky, you can’t count on coming up with the best packaging design when you are working with a deadline. Work in a large group to brainstorm potential ideas and make a list. Start this list early so you can keep adding items or get inspiration from previous ideas. Someone on the design team may have an idea that another person then builds on.

Get Inspiration

You never want to blatantly copy the packaging design of another product, but you should still look at other items. Don’t limit yourself to products within your industry, either. If you sell food but see a candle with truly creative packaging, write down what you like about it. You may be able to adjust the design to meet your product’s needs.

Look at Your Product

Some truly creative packaging designs are constantly spread around, such as the paintbrushes that made the bristles into hair. Ideas like this rely on looking at your product and analyzing its shape. Think about other objects in people’s everyday lives that have a similar shape and see if you can somehow turn your product into the other item through packaging. Another good example is the headphones that became musical notes in their packaging.

Make It Clear

When you start to get creative with packaging, always remember that potential clients still need to know what you are selling. Even if you create a design that mimics another object, ensure that your product is clearly labeled as what it is. Your product’s packaging should not only be eye-catching; it must also display what you are selling and how to use it. Otherwise, it will draw in potential clients only to have them put it back on the shelf.

Work with a Designer

To get the best possible packaging that truly draws in clients, you can’t rely on your own creativity. You will need to work with a designer who is experienced with creating packages. It will cost you more money initially, but he or she will come up with a better idea, helping boost your profits and make back the money. In some cases, your packaging company may even have a designer or design team on staff. If not, it should at least have a suggestion of someone who can help you.


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