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Product Packaging Tips for Your Candles

In addition to the general product packaging advice that applies to every single industry, each has its own specific suggestions based on the needs and consumers of that industry. If you are working to create product packaging for your candles, then you should be sure to keep the following considerations and tips in mind.

Protect the Candles

One of the most important things to think about is how you will protect your candles in transit. Candles themselves tend to be relatively sturdy, although this is not the case for long, thin candles. One of the simplest ways to protect the candle is to sell it within a tin or glass of some sort, but this also adds other considerations. As long as the glass or tin stays undamaged, your candles should be fine, but what about the glass or tin?

You will need to incorporate some sort of padding into your product packaging to ensure that the glass does not break. If you do not sell your candles in glass or tin, that is one less item to worry about getting damaged. In that case, you will still need to protect the candles somehow and prevent candles in multipacks from melting while in transit. Something as simple as separating them with tissue paper can do the trick.

Choose Sturdy Boxes

Because candles are heavy, you need to choose boxes for your product packaging that can handle their weight. If the candles come in glass or something similar, then ensure that the boxes you use to send the products to stores are sturdy enough to handle that additional weight, as well.

Prevent Melting

Another unique consideration when it comes to the product packaging for candles is the potential for melting. You need to take steps to ensure that your candles are not exposed to extremely high temperatures at any point in the supply chain, which you can do with your packaging to some extent. You could place temperature sensors in your product shipping boxes, or even include gel packs. At the very least, include warning labels on the product packaging to keep the candles away from extreme heat when they are not in use.

Keep It Simple

As you work to design product packaging for your candles, try to keep it simple. You typically want the candles to be the focal point and ensure the packaging is not overwhelming. Stick to legible fonts and do not clutter the packages with too much imagery.

Target the Audience Via Packaging

As with any other product, you should use your candle packaging as an opportunity to target your chosen market. One example would be using floral imagery and similar words to describe the smell of candles geared towards women. In contrast, if you want your candles to appeal to the “manly man” segment, you would want to include imagery and scents that appeal to them. You can even get creative and poke fun at the idea that men cannot use candles with the names of your scents, such as “Not Rose Petals.”

Of course, you also want your candle product packaging to display the necessary information and match your brand imagery like you would with any other product packaging.

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