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Tips to Improve Your Food Industry Packaging

When you are in the food industry, you know how much competition you are up against. You only have to walk the aisles of any supermarket to see the vast array of products from different brands. This is one reason why it is very important for you to market your food product in the very best possible packaging. The main reason, of course, is so your food product stays fresh, unbroken, and with a nice appearance from the production line to the consumer’s table. So, take a look at your product’s packaging. Is there something you can do to improve it?




Is your product’s packaging sturdy enough to withstand shipping, stocking, and accidents in the grocery aisle or at home? If not, perhaps you should evaluate the packaging and see what you can do to make it sturdier. If your product is bagged in some type of plastic or cellophane bagging, is it thick enough to maintain freshness and prevent tears?




Is your product’s packaging appropriate for the product inside? You wouldn’t think of putting strawberry jam in a cardboard box or a gallon of milk in a baggie. Make sure that your package fits your product.




While sturdiness is extremely important, you also have to think about the packaging’s attractiveness. A sturdy package printed in a dull manner isn’t as likely to become a best seller, even if the packaging is sturdy enough to withstand a tornado. Conversely, you may have the most appealing package in the grocery store, but if it collapses, tears, breaks, or otherwise becomes damaged when a potential customer picks it up, that fancy print job won’t mean a thing. That being said, it’s very important to think about appearance. A good photo or artistic rendition of the product inside is highly desirable for a product packaged in opaque packaging. Consumers want to know what the product looks like. A good graphic artist who is well-versed in commercial art will be invaluable to you to achieve an attractive packaging design.




An often overlooked factor is that in addition to your packaging being sealed for freshness and safety, it also needs to be easy to open. Many consumers have a variety of physical problems that affect how they can use their hands. Thus, some types of packaging may be more difficult to open for these types of people. Don’t make your packaging to difficult to get into!


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