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Navigate Summer Sales with These Packaging Tips

Even with summer already in full swing, it is not too late to take advantage of summer sales with some quick tweaks to your packaging, particularly if you work with a packaging manufacturer who offers quick turnaround times. With the right packaging tips, your product will see a boost in sales this summer as you take advantage of the nice weather and the increase in free time for a large segment of the population.


Include Summer Imagery

An effective way to boost sales during the summer is to include summer imagery on your packaging. Throw a hat and sunglasses on the mascot you typically have on your packaging or place them on a beach towel on the beach. This will give off the impression that your product is ideal for the summer months.


Make Your Product’s Summer Purpose Clear

No matter what you sell, you can make it seem appropriate for use during the summer months. If you sell beverages, consider an image of that beverage in a cooler on the beach or at a picnic. If you sell electronics, include an image of someone using it while soaking up the sun. The key is to incorporate summer imagery into your product to show customers that your product will be a terrific addition to their summer plans.


Go with Summer Colors

Depending on your packaging, it may not always be possible to include summery imagery in your design. In that case, consider adjusting your color scheme slightly to make it summery. Most people associate orange and yellow with this season, but you can also use white. It reflects nicely in the sun and is a neutral color.


Always Stay Positive

When creating your packaging design for the summer, try to stay positive. Even if you sell a medication for summer allergies, focus on the happiness of someone being able to enjoy the summer instead of the irritation and discomfort they feel before using your product. This positivity can go a long way toward boosting sales, both during the summer and in the rest of the year.


Plan for Summer Heat

Another important part of summer packaging is ensuring that your boxes can withstand the hot temperatures. If you sell something that is temperature sensitive, ensure that you opt for insulated packaging and choose materials that keep the cool temperatures trapped within while preventing the exterior warmth from working their way inside. Make it clear that your product needs to stay within a set temperature range via labeling, both on each individual package and in the larger boxes used to ship a set of products.


Follow Other Year-Round Tips

Of course, you do not want to ignore the packaging tips that apply during the rest of the year just because summer is here. Make sure your packaging is easy to open and functional, protects your product, shows why customers should choose your item over the competition, and is visually appealing to stand out from the competition.

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