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There are some packaging rules and trends that apply to nearly every industry, such as opting for durable packaging with a design that conveys your brand, protects the product, and is interesting. In addition to these general rules, each industry is also host to various packaging trends and tips that will help increase sales. By being aware of these trends, you can make sure that your company is up to date and doing everything possible to get the most out of your packaging. Here are some specific packaging trends that those who sell personal care products should consider to help their product keep up with the competition.

Value Added

Taking your standard product and creating a value-added variation of it, even for a barely noticeable increase in price, can actually do a great deal in terms of attracting loyal consumers. Consider, for example, makeup products. If your product is value added, it will have a unique dispensing system that makes it easier to use the product. This may be in the form of an applicator tip or even a roll on.

Male Grooming Products

In the past, the vast majority of personal care products were marketed specifically to women, but men are taking a growing interest in personal grooming. The thing to keep in mind is that most men do not want to go out and buy a nail clipper or similar item packaged in girly or pink packaging. It can help to create more gender-neutral packaging for unisex products, with the growing trend being packaging that conveys a sense of professionalism. In order to reach out to this growing male client base, make sure that your brand name and logo are still visible on the packaging, as even though men may not have used your products, they might have heard of them and will recognize the logo and name.


No matter the industry you are in, whether personal care or clothing, customers want access to their items in an easier, more convenient manner. People tend to lead busy lifestyles, and it seems like the average person today is busier than they were years ago. This means that when consumers look for a personal care product, they want one that is convenient to use. Switching to PET can help make your product better for use on the go. Other trends that can help make your product more convenient to the consumer (and increase sales) include portion-control devices, packs that can easily stand up in the shower, resealable devices, caps that are easier to open, and tubes that use gravity to make dispensing the product easier.


Yet another important factor to keep in mind for packaging is sustainability. In the past, opting for environmentally friendly packaging was completely up to the manufacturer and would not have much bearing on sales. Today, however, people tend to look for easy ways to help the environment, and one of the simplest ways to do so is to opt for a personal care product in partially recycled packaging or that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that could negatively impact the environment. Just keep the green marketing on your packaging simple, with a small symbol or phrase, as overdoing it can take away from the attractiveness of the packaging.

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