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Tips for Your Initial Packaging Run

Starting your first packaging run for your business can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Those in the packaging industry are ready to give you advice that will make your first run go smoothly and help you get your business growing. In addition to having a high-quality product, you will want to follow these tips to make your initial packaging run a success.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

There are numerous packaging manufacturers available, but not all are created equally. This means that choosing the right one can make a significant difference in whether your packaging run goes smoothly and you get the product packaging you envisioned made from high-quality materials. Check a company’s reputation and services before deciding to work with it. Selecting a well-established and respected company can save you headaches in the end. The best companies, like SoOPAK, will even have customer support staff that can guide you through the process, something that makes a huge difference when you have never had a packaging run before and aren’t sure what to do.

Follow Your Brand

Even if you are about to start your very first packaging run, you probably already have a brand image clearly defined. This should be the brand you portray on your website and business cards along with anything else used for client interactions. When creating your design, you should ensure that the packaging itself continues this brand image. It should include your logo, color scheme, font, and any imagery associated with your company. This small step will begin to build your brand recognition, something that will help your company grow in the future.

Know Where the Product Will Be Sold

When designing your product packaging, don’t forget to strongly consider where you will be selling your product. Selling it online requires some different elements than selling it in stores. If you are selling in retail locations, for instance, you will need to think about how your packaging will line up on the shelves. Should it be stackable? How tall can the packaging be without getting in the way? Do you want your product to create a larger or continuous image when multiple items are stacked or lined up? When selling online, on the other hand, your packaging needs to stand out even with a thumbnail image, as that is what potential clients will see. Feel free to look at the competition for inspiration; just be sure not to make your packaging too similar, as this can confuse customers.

Start with a Small Run

Even if you are confident in your packaging design, you should strongly consider starting with a short run instead of a full one. This gives you the chance to confirm not only that everything is right but that your potential clients like the packaging as much as you do. Since the best packaging manufacturers offer quick turnaround times and runs of varying sizes, doing a short run should not slow down the time frame of getting your product to market by more than a few weeks.

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